Crock Pot Aspirations

I just ordered my very first crock pot from Yes, believe it. It is my very first.  Thanks to Pinterest, I have been introduced to many delicious-looking crock pot recipes. I just knew I needed to get one.  I love how quick and easy they can be.  Just throw it ingredients before work and come home to a yummy dinner.  How perfect! (Typically my dinners include things such as cheese, pepperoni and crackers. How nice it will be to have hot meal.) 

Now, I am not a great cook, but am willing to learn. Do you have crock pot recipes I should try?  I am looking for meals with a short ingredient list. I secretly get intimated with a long list of exotic items. 

I am picking up my crock pot at the store tomorrow.  If you don't already know, will ship almost any item from the site to your nearest store for FREE.


  1. I love my Crock Pot! It is so easy to use and I love having a hot meal at night when my husband and I come home from work. I probably use mine 2-3 times a week. You can find tons of recipes online and there are plenty of Crock Pot cookbooks too.

    1. Lindsay, I agree... having a hot meals when you come home from work is a great way to end the day. I will have to check out the crock pot cookbook selection. Thanks for the tip!


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