Valentine's Day Delights

Valentine's Day is just two weeks away so I thought I would share some beautiful decorating ideas.  A couple weeks ago, I purchased an antique-looking heart from Michael's to put on my front door.

When I ask the boyfriend how soon was too soon to put it up, his stated that February 1st was an appropriate day to start decorating for Valentine's. I personally think February 1st is a little late since that only leaves you with two weeks to enjoy your red and pink decor, but I will go with it.

Here is some Valentine's Day inspiration for your viewing entertainment:

Valentine's wreath from the Two Inspire You Etsy shop

image via Better Homes & Gardens / created by Sunny Side Up
I love using holiday candy to decorate as demonstrated in this picture.
It can be an affordable way to add color and festivity to your decor.  Think dollar store candy. 

image via Better Home & Gardens / created by Our Infinity Notebook
Again, notice the clever use of candy hearts in the apothecary jars. I think this softer pallet of pink turned out gorgeous.

Free 8x10 printable from The 36th Avenue
Just print and frame for instant and affordable Valentine's Day decor!

Next, I will be sharing clever Valentine's Day gift ideas. Stay tuned.

100 Calorie Workout

Hello, blogger friends. I thought I would share this quick and easy-to-remember workout routine. I found this via Pinterest (no surprise). I am not sure if it really burns 100 calories, but I would like to think so.  This routine is short enough and interesting enough to keep me engaged.

Growing up as a cheerleader, I never had to go to a "gym" to workout.  All the tumbling and stunting we did at practice worked every muscle, even muscles we didn't know we had.  Now, I struggle trying to motivate myself to go to a "gym" and get on a treadmill.  A treadmill is not my style.  I like fun workouts!

Last year, I discovered Zumba and fell in love.  Dancing for an hour was a great, enjoyable workout for me. I also occasionally do the workout below. I guess you should do it multiple times to get an even better workout, but doing it once at least makes me feel like I got some form of workout in my day.  I often increase the reps for more challenge.

Do you have any other at-home workout routines to recommend? I would love to hear about them.  

Do you pinterject?

So sorry I have been offline for a couple days now.  My good ol' Dell computer from 2005 is about to die.  It has been dying a long, slow death, but I haven't broke down to buy a new computer yet.  Just trying to wait it out until I can purchase the Mac that I want need. 

On a day basis, my poor old computer asks me if I would like to clear more memory.... and I would, but there is nothing left to delete. I have deleted every program I don't use on a regular basis. I think I my biggest concern about giving up on my computer is saving the thousands of pictures I have stored there. 

So anyway, that brings me today's post.  It has been a couple days since my last post. Since then, the lovely boyfriend sent me the below picture. It pretty much wraps up my life since joining Pinterest.

image source

Can you relate? 

It seems that everyday I get several new emails stating that one of my friends (from Facebook) just joined Pinterest. Many men are even getting on "board" (no pun intended).

I do believe Pinterest has changed my life for the better.

To conclude, I thought I would share this video from WTFPinterest. Enjoy!


Are you ready for some football?

My friends are laughing as they read this because they know I am definitely not a football fan. After seven years of cheering for this sport, I still cannot get into it.  I am a fan of planning parties though!   Here are a couple cute ideas to keep in mind as you begin planning Super Bowl festivities: 


image via Fiskars

Party Foods

image via Rex and Regina
image via tablespoon
image and recipe via Gimme Some Oven
image via Creating Memories
image via It's in the Details


image via Rex and Regina
image via Tiny Prints
image via Creative Memories
image via Plum Party

Happy party planning!

Simply Sarah Style yard sale

It's that time of year again and I'm cleaning out my closet.  If you know me, then you know I love to simplify.  

The following items are for sale.  If you find something you are interested in, please email me at so we can setup payment through PayPal.  

Shipping for each pair of shoes is $6.00. If you order multiple items, I will ship your items together so it is only $10 flat.   If you live in my area, then we can work out a time to exchange so you don't have to pay shipping costs.

Coach Flats

Size 7
Retail: $98  Sale: $30

Note: I have bad arches and put removable inserts in this pair (as shown).  I will be keeping the inserts though. They have not effected inside sole of the shoe in any way. 

Banana Republic Flats

Size 6.5
Retail: $98 Sale: $15

Note: Slightly worn soles, but still in great shape.

White House Black Market Flats

Size 6.5
Retail: $88 Sale: $12
Note: Slightly worn soles, but still in great shape. 

Coach Tote Bag

Dimensions: width - 15 inch, height - 10 inches, strap length - 9 inches
Retail: $100 Sale: $50

Note: I purchased this at the Coach Outlet on sale a couple years ago. I used it to carry a laptop and for traveling.
This tote is in great shape!

Please contact me at if you are interested in purchasing any of these pieces. Thank you!

Ralph Lauren Fashion Show

Back in November, a Partner at the agency I work at asked me if I would like to work a Ralph Lauren fashion show with her. Of course my answer was, "Heck, yes!"  Now we do PR and event planning for our clients, but never have fashion show opportunities so I was thrilled to be a part of this.  

As part of the fashion team, the Partner Annie and I were responsible for five male models.  Not sure it gets better than that!  My colleague Carrie was partnered with another person to manage five other models. As part of our duties, we were responsible for the models through the dressing, styling and runway process.  I must say dressing/styling male models is one fun job!  I totally felt like Lauren from The Hills and Whitney from The City when they worked at Teen Vogue

I thought I would share some pictures from this fashion show which was held at Macy's

The director of the fashion show with the whole crew.
Some were professional models and others were loyal customers of the store. 

Some of the guys Annie and I worked with at the show.

The very engaging audience.

from L to R - Me, Carrie and Annie with the guys backstage

Last, but not least is our very own summer intern, Tony. It was a great surprise to find out a past intern at the agency was asked to be a model for this event.  Tony looked very handsome in his traditional Ralph Lauren attire.

Tony and I

Well that wraps up this recap. I loved being a part of the fashion show and learning about the behind-the-scenes operations. Would definitely do it again! 

Tag, you're it!

A "getting to know you" game

I was recently "tagged" by DeAnn from the S.I.P. Project (service is painless) to participate in this "getting to know you" game. I am so glad DeAnn reached out to me!

After reading her blog, I was touched by the photography project she has setup using her blog as a platform.  Essentially, she will swap a photo session with you or your family in exchange for the completion of a service project. DeAnn dedicates approximately 15 hours to each shoot and expects approximately the same time commitment from you in giving to a special cause.  I could not think of a more generous way for her to use her talents.  Click here to check out her blog.

Now onto the game!  This game was created by Vintage Gwen...

Game Rules: 

  1. You must post the rules 
  2. Post 11 fun facts about yourself.
  3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post
  4. Create 11 new questions to ask the people you have tagged
  5. Tag 11 bloggers and link them to your post 
  6. Let the bloggers know they have been tagged

11 Fun Facts About Myself:
  1. My first major in college was interior design. 
  2. I switched from interior design to public relations/communications and now work at an PR firm. 
  3. I made a "career" out of cheerleading with a 17 years run as a cheerleader, coach, gym manager and judge.  I no longer work full-time in the "spirit" industry, but still stay connected.
  4. I grew up with horses and love them. 
  5. I hate milk (but don't discriminate against milkshakes). 
  6. When I was 16 years old, I created my own handbag business and sold handmade purses to girls at my high school and neighboring schools. I even had my own logo. 
  7. I LOVE (with all my heart) ranch dressing from Dewey's Pizza
  8. I have known some of my best friends since preschool. Our long-standing friendships mean so much to me. 
  9. As a homeowner, I now know how cool and exciting it can be to shop at Goodwill.  I use to fight trips to there as a child. 
  10. I just bought my first crock pot and expect it will change my life. 
  11. I like to think of myself as an "early adopter" of Facebook and take pride in being one of the first to sign up for it seven years ago. 
11 Questions from DeAnn:
  1. If you could live anywhere, where would it be?  What a long list... Savannah, Georgia; Charleston, South Carolina, Paris, France or Bath, England
  2. What keeps you going back to a blog time and time again? I love DIY projects, daily outfit posts (with descriptions on where the items can be purchased) and home inspiration.
  3. What are you top 3 favorite places to shop?  Clothes - Target, JCREW, LOFT  Home Stuff - Pottery Barn, Target, IKEA 
  4. What gadget are you drooling over right now? I NEED a mac laptop. My dell desktop from college is about to bite the dust.  Any recommendations on macs would be greatly appreciated!
  5. What do you hate about blogging? Sometimes the struggle over what to write about.
  6. What tech skill do you wish you were better at? Let's just say I would have pursued the "creative" path of my communications major if the classes were not at 8 am. I wish I would have undergone more design training on software programs such as PhotoShop, Illustrator, etc. I LOVE to design anything.
  7. What makes your heart smile?  My new iPad and my awesome boyfriend who surprised me with it.  
  8. What is your dream job? I very much enjoy my job right now, but would also like to explore the careers of a interior designer, stylist, professional organizer or event planner. 
  9. What is your pet peeve? When people do not follow up... I need you to do what you say you are going to do. 
  10. What is the post on your blog you are most proud of?  Wow, this is a hard one... Probably the ones showcasing the parties I have planned.  Click here for Pretty Parties
  11. Your best advice for new bloggers?  Find ways to connect with other bloggers. It is so nice to bond over things you both love.  For example, I met Sita from The Family Room Design Studio, an interior designer from Utah, through blogging and love the inspiration her home provides. 
11 Questions to My Tagees: 
  1. Why made you want to start a blog?
  2. What are your top three blogs to read?
  3. What are your favorite things to "pin" on Pinterest?
  4. Where are your favorite places to shop for home decor? 
  5. Where are your favorite places to shop for clothing bargains?
  6. What is your favorite color combinations?
  7. Do you collect anything?
  8. What is your favorite thing to cook/bake?
  9. In what ways do you connect with other bloggers?
  10. What is your favorite holiday?
  11. What, if any, is the most recent thing you have made from Pinterest? 
My 11 Tagees: 

A special thanks to DeAnn for inviting me to join in the fun! 

Pin It

Great find from Payless

I saw these flats in a magazine and thought they were adorable and looked rather comfortable (as comfortable as flats can be). They are from the designer line at Payless and are only $29.99!  I read the reviews online and all of the respondents seemed to like the fit and look. 

Deflex by Dexter

Funny how much they look like the Chanel flats...

image source

I will take the $29.99 any day as long they are comfortable and hold up.

Wondering how to style these?  Here is some inspiration:

image source
image source
image source

How to be the Hostess with the Mostest {Guest Post}

By Carrie P. 

I've been following Simply Sarah Style for about a year now and I love getting wonderful decorating and entertaining ideas from her so I was thrilled to oblige when she asked me to write a guest column. 

party image via Apartment Therapy

How many times have you planned an absolutely flawless event - only to realize that you didn't really get to speak with your guests? You didn't mix. You didn't mingle. And you didn't even get a sip of that special cocktail you concocted. To really make the most of your events and to become the "hostess with the mostest," follow these simple tips:

Prep ahead
The more prep you can do ahead, the more time you have the day of your event.
  •  A clean plate - clean all of your platters, iron the tablecloth and map out your food table a few days ahead of time. I plan the serving dish I will use at the same time I plan the menu. I then use Post-It notes to denote what will go where.
  • Cut to the quick - cut up all veggies, cheese and fruits ahead of time and store in clear plastic containers for easy refill during your soiree.

Take the easy way out
While being the hostess with the mostess involves putting on a good "show," sometimes you can sacrifice "the best" for "ok" in order to spend time with guests. If using your fine china puts  you in the kitchen all night doing dishes, consider some festive paper products instead. Your guests really won't care and it will greatly free up your time.

Be willing to sacrifice "homemade." Sometimes store-bought dips taste just as good as the kind you mix up from scratch. The same holds true for cookies, sandwich trays and appetizers by the bite. Spend time with guests, not your kitchen.

If you have the means, hire some help. There are so many catering options now and some will even include a staffer or two. If you can swing a bartender, so much the better. This does not diminish your role as hostess - it just makes you more accessible during the event.

If your budget does not allow, consider hiring a neighborhood teenager to help take coats, clear plates (NOT drinks) and be your right-hand helper. 

Plan activities 
To make your event memorable, plan some activities. And make sure you free up your time so you too can participate in those activities. If you have a group of people that don't all know each other, an icebreaker game (and nametags) are a must. This ensures that everyone intermingles and you don't leave anyone out.

Party games, games on the Wii, trivia contests and even raffles can be easy to execute and create a lot of enthusiasm. Scratch off lottery tickets make for great prizes and the scratching off leads to even more excitement.

Fine tune the details
Tunes are very important - the soundtrack to your party will set the tone for your event. Digital programs like iTunes make it easy with their pre-made party mixes (80s mix, cocktail mix, disco, country and more).

With inspiration from Simply Sarah Style, great recipes and smart planning, you too can be the hostess with the mostess!

Carrie Phillippi has been told on more than one occasion that she is the hostess with the mostess and even planned a flash mob for her family Christmas dinner party. A party by Carrie is always a PARTAY!


Sassy Striped Finds at Crate & Barrel

While browsing the newest Crate & Barrel catalog, I came across gorgeous striped pieces I thought I would share.

Multiple sizes ranging from $19.95 to $299
*I would love this in my office/guest bedroom!

*Try mixing up the dinner table dynamic with different colors for each place setting.

*The clean lines and bold colors would provide a fabulous pop for any room.

Happy shopping!

Pantry Organization Inspiration

'Tis the season for organization!  Organizing is one domestic task I absolutely LOVE. 

I'm sure I have already told this, but even as a child I had a knack for this.  I was the kid who organized all the items in the cart at the grocery store and then would proceed to straighten style the products on the shelves. It made the grocery store a much more fun place for me.  I mean, what child does that??? This girl. 

As 2012 begins, I am sure many of us are setting goals for tasks we would like to accomplish this year.  I am building my list and will share it with you shortly.  When blog-stalking, I saw that another blogger planned to identify 12 goals, one for each month.  I like that idea!  It seems manageable. Off the top of my head, a couple of my goals for the new year include: maxing out my pantry with ultimate organization and beautiful design; framing the plain stock mirrors in each of my bathrooms; redoing my collage/feature wall; and building an interesting display inside my "fake" fireplace (but you already knew about that).

Here is the current state of my pantry:

Somewhat organized, but I would like to take it even further making it a beautiful space like the ones in the inspiration photos below. 

image via Honey & Fitz
image via Classy Clutter
image via House of Smiths
Just looking at these pictures excites me!  I can't wait to get to started.  Looks like this might be my January goal.
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