One Dresser | Three Different Ways (Another Bargains & Buyouts Score!)

After receiving so much interest in my first Bargains & Buyouts article, I decided to partner with Bargains & Buyouts to bring you a stream of savvy deals. This post was sponsored by Bargains & Buyouts, but all opinions are my own.

I always enjoy reading the articles that feature one item styled in various ways. It doesn't matter if it's a furniture or clothing piece, I always love these features. Most of the time, these articles inspire me to get off the couch, go grab a similar item or styling accent and rearrange something in my house or wardrobe. I'm sure my husband thinks I'm nuts for getting these instant spurts of inspiration.

When I first saw this Dwell Studio dresser during a recent trip to Bargains & Buyouts, I knew it had so much much potential and could be styled in so many different ways. The fact that the drawers had a controlled closing feature sealed the deal. It had to come home with me.

This piece is currently listed for $949 on the Dwell Studio website. Bargains & Buyouts had it listed at $595. After expressing my interest, I negotiated an even more affordable price with a sales associate. On top of that, the store was offering 10% off your entire purchase that day, which means I was able to score this piece for half the retail price. Major score! (If you didn't catch my article on my first Bargains & Buyouts shopping experience, you might want to check it out here, especially if you live close to the Cincinnati area and are wondering about the negotiating process at this store.)

My mind kept going over all the places I could put this dresser in my home. Because this piece is so versatile, I thought I would share some ways I'll consider using it...

#1 - As a Bedroom Dresser (the obvious)

My husband and I could totally benefit from another dresser in our bedroom. We currently have a huge armoire and two nightstands for storage. I know my husband would be thrilled if he could have additional drawer space within arm's reach!   

I had to capture the drawers. I should have videotaped the drawer closing action for you. I love that they close themselves.

#2 - As A Bar

I'm all about the bar cart and bar area! While most people have bar supplies in their home (wine, booze, bottle openers, etc.), they rarely think to display these pieces in an artful way. I would love use the surface space on this piece to display our bar items and then would capitalize on the drawer space for the storage of kitchen textiles, serving pieces and party supplies.

#3 - As A Dining Room Buffet

I have quickly realized that our new house doesn't have the nearly the storage or surface space that our condo had (surprising, I know). With that being said, serving space for parties and gatherings is minimal (unless you pull out a card table, but who wants to do that). Using this dresser in the dining room would allow us to set up a serving station while also stashing away extra kitchen and party supplies.  

So, what do you think? Shall I choose way #1, #2 or #3? I thinking they would each be a win!

This weekend, I'll also share pictures of other items that caught my eye during my last Bargains & Buyouts trip.

A special thanks to Bargains & Buyouts for teaming up with me to bring you additional ideas and inspiration! You can follow them on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with their ever-changing inventory.

Happy shopping, my friends!

My Favorite Instagram Accounts to Follow

If you're reading Simply Sarah Style, then I know you enjoy home design, fashion and pretty party inspiration. Hands down, Instagram is my favorite source for daily inspiration when it comes to these topics. I love being able to scan my feed to pass time, boost my creativity or even for a mental break. 

You'll often find me taking screen shots of Instagram images I love because I want to reference them later. I capture visual reminders of products I love, decorating ideas and styling concepts.

Here are a handful of accounts with compelling content. I could easily make this list 100 Instagram handles long, but nobody has time for that, so here are a few with endless eye candy to get you started...

For Home Design Inspiration

For Fashion Inspiration

For Party Inspiration

What's your favorite accounts to follow? 

My First Red Egg & Ginger Party

This past summer, my husband and I were invited to a Red Egg & Ginger Party to celebrate the arrival of our friends' new son, Griffin. Of course, I'm always down for a good theme, but I was at a loss at what to expect at a Red Egg & Ginger Party... none the less what to bring as a gift.

After a quick Google search, I learned a little more. "In Chinese culture, a baby's first month birthday calls for a celebration. Proud parents introduce their latest addition to friends and relatives by holding a red egg and ginger party" (according to

I also learned that you either bring a gift featuring a tiger to watch over the child or money in a red envelope to serve as "lucky money." I ended up finding the cutest little baby booties featuring a tiger.

The lavish celebration was held at the Oriental Wok on Buttermilk and did not disappoint. From the menu selection to the decor elements, this was one memorable event. 

The monogrammed eggs at each place setting were absolutely adorable! They were filled with ginger candy, which was actually quite good.

Griffin is one precious baby. I'm talking model-qualty! 

Adam and Melissa must be so proud.

We had a fabulous time! A special thanks to Melissa for allowing me to share an inside look at this special celebration.

Have you ever been to a Red Egg & Ginger Party? 

DIY Wedding Band Workshops with Gem Steady

Today's post is about a DIY project. This project is taking "DIY" to a whole new level! I would have never dreamed that the average bride and groom would have an opportunity to partake in such an activity.

You might recall my Q&A feature with jewelry designer Brittany Stadtmiller from Gem Steady. Brittany is a local designer doing big business on a global scale. She designs stunning custom pieces while her husband brings her visions to life. While she sells a sample of necklaces, earrings and rings on her site, the majority of her business comes from personalized orders where clients select the gems and guide the design process.

Because custom pieces are so popular, Brittany and her husband Bobby decided to introduce DIY Wedding Band Workshops. The Workshops will take place in their new studio, which is located in Oakley. Couples can spend the day with Brittany and Bobby designing and creating their own custom bands.

Some her designs look just like my own wedding band! Could you imagine taking part in the creation process for your own ring? What a precious memory! 

I thought this was a unique concept that will make the wedding process even more special! What do you think? Would you want to do it? 

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