Another reason to love Bargains & Buyouts

As you know, Bargains & Buyouts is my go-to when it comes to furniture purchases. I've been sharing my love for Bargains & Buyouts for about a year now, because this store is too good to keep to myself. From clients to friends to other bloggers (see the great group above), I aways send them to the west side of Cincinnati to see the selection and daily deals for themselves. 

Wondering what makes this store more unique than any other store? Be sure to check out my first article on my shopping experience there.

Bargains & Buyouts just keeps getting better and better. If the negotiated prices weren't low enough, they recently announced the rollout of a new rewards program which opens up the door to even more savings: 
  • It's free to sign up.
  • You earn one point for every $1 spent.
  • For every 100 points, you'll receive a $5 credit.
  • You can receive sale notifications via text. (I personally love this, because it allows me to stay on top of their weekly deals! Plus, they send you personal incentives.) 

This post is not sponsored by Bargains & Buyouts. Just thought you would be thrilled with this news. Here's to many more fabulous furniture finds at unbeatable prices! 

A fall craft in 5 minutes flat

This weekend, I stopped in Michael's and couldn't pass up the white artificial pumpkins I've seen all over blogland. With a price tag that was 60% off, they were beckoning me.

I also spotted a collection of Halloween embellishments in the scrapbook section. This collection was on sale too, so I scored each set for 40% off. Hard to believe that large rhinestone "P" was only $1.19!

Within seconds, my large pumpkin was complete. The "P" was set on one sheet of adhesive, so it was easy to transfer. The medium pumpkin took a few more minutes to finish as each rhinestone was separate sticky. 

I am thrilled with the final product! As you know, I love gorgeous spaces, but hate complex DIY projects. That's why this one was right up my alley! 

Bonus: I can store these away and pull them out year after year. For under $30, I have a fall set I can use again. 

My most recent Rocksbox

My latest Rocksbox included a handful of coordinating gems...and you know how much I love a good statement necklace and show-stopping stud earrings! I wouldn't have normally picked this bracelet for myself, but I love that the Rocksbox stylist included it as I was able to try it out by stacking it with some of the other bracelets I own.

Here's the rundown of what I received this month:
  • Perry Street's Becca Necklace
  • Margaret Elizabeth's Teardrop Bangle
  • SLATE's Crystal Spike Earrings
Interesting in having a specially curated box of designer jewelry delivered directly to door each month? Rocksbox is allowing me to give Simply Sarah Style readers their first month free! Just use the code "simplysarahstyleblogxox" when checking out.

A special thanks to Rocksbox for sponsoring this post!

A Lexington living room makeover

I wanted to share a recent living room project I completed for a friend in Lexington, Kentucky. I kicked off the design with Evelyn Henson's "Off to the races" print, which couldn't be more perfect for a Keeneland-loving crowd.

Then I moved onto the vibrant pillows, which helped set the scene for this space. I ended up tackling two portions of this room: the main seating area and accent pieces to utilize a few nooks in the space.

Shop the look:
Shop the look:

We just finished up our first buying trip at IKEA and the Grandin Road outlet today! You can find the full selection of items we considered for this space here.

A quick and easy yard sale makeover with Krylon

As I mentioned last month, I joined a group of 11 bloggers and the Krylon team at the World's Longest Yard Sale. In just a few days, the Krylon team traveled several states along the route and transformed 127 pieces for their first ever Pinterest yard sale benefiting Charity Wings Arts & Crafts Center.

The Krylon team asked us to join the fun and shared their products so we too could refinish the yard sale find of our choice.

Let me introduce you to the $4 luggage stands. Luggage stands have always been on my wish list for the guest room, so when I stumbled upon these for $2 each at a yard sale, I had to scoop them up. I knew a mini makeover would take these from dated and chipped to just like new.

To be honest, while I'm passionate about home styling, I'm not really a hardcore DIYer. I occasionally tackle simple DIY projects, but avoid any large undertakings. I think it's because I'm impatient. I like easy and done projects.

When I saw these luggage stands, I knew they would be a simple DIY I could tackle in 30 minutes, especially with the right Krylon product. To give the stands a facelift, I purchased new trim from Hobby Lobby and worked with the Krylon team to select a glossy black paint.

Within seconds, the stands went from nicked and old to glossy and fabulous. I loved the SUPERMAXX product because it only takes 25 minutes to dry to the touch. Plus, no standing or priming is required.

After the stands dried, I removed the old straps that looked aged and used a staple gun to secure a new greek key pattern.

Within minutes, the stands were like new again!

I added these to the foot of the bed in our guest room to give our family and friends a place to drop their belongings.

On a separate note, I'm looking forward to switching this room up a bit. Up until this point, we've used pieces we had leftover from the condo and haven't really purchased anything new. I plan to take cues from the black and start swapping items out for a refresh. Perhaps those lamps will be the next to get a Krylon makeover! 

A special thank you to Krylon for supplying SUPERMAXX for this project!
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