Pantry Organization Inspiration

'Tis the season for organization!  Organizing is one domestic task I absolutely LOVE. 

I'm sure I have already told this, but even as a child I had a knack for this.  I was the kid who organized all the items in the cart at the grocery store and then would proceed to straighten style the products on the shelves. It made the grocery store a much more fun place for me.  I mean, what child does that??? This girl. 

As 2012 begins, I am sure many of us are setting goals for tasks we would like to accomplish this year.  I am building my list and will share it with you shortly.  When blog-stalking, I saw that another blogger planned to identify 12 goals, one for each month.  I like that idea!  It seems manageable. Off the top of my head, a couple of my goals for the new year include: maxing out my pantry with ultimate organization and beautiful design; framing the plain stock mirrors in each of my bathrooms; redoing my collage/feature wall; and building an interesting display inside my "fake" fireplace (but you already knew about that).

Here is the current state of my pantry:

Somewhat organized, but I would like to take it even further making it a beautiful space like the ones in the inspiration photos below. 

image via Honey & Fitz
image via Classy Clutter
image via House of Smiths
Just looking at these pictures excites me!  I can't wait to get to started.  Looks like this might be my January goal.


  1. Sarah,
    Your pantry looks awesome! I like to organize things too but my pantry does NOT look that good! Cheers to you! :)

    1. Thanks, Sara! Can't wait to give it impact with a splash of color and some decorative container labels.


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