Pinterest-Inspired Blackberry Slab Pie Recipe

The Family Kitchen via Babble 

I came across blackberry slab pie recipe on Pinterest and immediately pinned it because it looked so delicious. One week later, I tried my hand at it as a thank you gift for my uncle who allowed me to borrow his camping equipment this past weekend. Since I was making this recipe for the first time, I thought I should make a second pie for Ben and I. I wanted to ensure the pie was good enough to share as a gift.

Turns out this pie was delicious and easy! 

Plus, you only need a few ingredients: 
3 lbs of berries
pie crust
1 egg white 

It baked up so nicely!

Serve it hot with vanilla ice cream for the perfect summer treat!

 Click here for the full recipe by Babble


Memorial Day Weekend

I am excited the holiday weekend is finally here!  Ben and I will be heading out for a canoeing and camping trip.  This is my very first time canoeing. We'll see how it goes.  I have been told I should wear water shoes, so of course I set out to find the most fashionable pair. This was a tricky challenge, but here are the sweet (I say this jokingly) pair  I ended up purchasing.  They kind of remind me of rock climbing shoes. At least they are pink though! 

Last year, we went kayaking in Hilton Head. I am wondering if canoeing is anything like kayaking.  

Ultimately, I'm hoping our canoeing/camping destination will look like this...

via Canoe Bay

Cheers to the holiday weekend!

Hooray for the Holiday Weekend!

I'm sure you're heading to a party or two this weekend so celebrate your Memorial Day with these fun and festive treats!

via Better Homes & Gardens
via Grin and Bake It
via Super Healthy Kids
via Martha Stewart 
via Room to Inspire

And doesn't this just look delicious...

via Tatertots and Jello
A special thanks to all the men and women who served or are currently serving our country. I am extremely grateful for you!

The Online Shopping Game

Do you find that internet shopping kind of fills a hole when you are craving new things?  There are often times when I put items in my cyber shopping cart, but never end up purchasing.  I can shop (online) for hours and not spend a dollar. Online browsing fulfills the desire, but on the flip side, you don't actually end up with the products.

Here are the items I've been eyeing lately...

These would be adorable with skirts, dresses and shorts! 
They also come in black and tan.

Although I do not run, I think these would still be great for Zumba class.
They come is six different colors, but I love the tropical twist and silver combination.

Available in nine colors.
I like the pop of turquoise the best!

On the flip side, here are some online purchases I have actually made recently...

in yellow 

in aqua 

in yellow and teal

 Love the Groopdealz website!  Their daily deals email offers entice me every day.

A S'mores Craving

With the weather quickly turning to warmer temperatures, I have been craving a good old fashion campfire party with s'mores.  As a child, my family always went camping with our horses and the campout was never complete without yummy s'mores. The latest issue of Midwest Living Magazine featured unique s'more combinations that would make anyone crave this type of yummy goodness. 

The writer suggested adding peppermint patties, thin slices of fruit, chocolate-hazelnut spread, peanut butter cups or chocolate chips to create a unique savory snack.

To go all out, try arranging your s'more ingredients in a buffet bar. Check out these lovely spreads...

via Nine and Sixteen

via Eat Drink Pretty
Cheers to the upcoming holiday weekend!
(I'm already  counting down as Ben and I have a camping trip planned! 
You better believe I'll be packing my own s'more ingredients.) 

Great campfire decor by A Beautiful Mess

Simply Sarah Style Advertisement Giveaway Winner

A  special thanks to everyone who participated in day five of "My Favorite Things" giveaway week. I have chosen a winner for the Simply Sarah Style advertisement giveaway! This lucky person will receive the three months of advertising. 

Congratulations to the writer of comment #8!


Happy Mother's Day!

Enough said.

Pantry Makeover Kit Giveaway Winner

A  special thanks to everyone who participated in day four of "My Favorite Things" giveaway week. I have chosen a winner for the Pantry Makeover  Kit giveaway! This lucky person will receive the fun products I used when redoing my pantry.

Congratulations to the writer of comment #13!

Aubrey Laine of make believe


Fabulous Wedding Favors

I thought I would share some of the fabulous favor ideas or packaging I have come across in my wedding planning quest. I have always been a sucker for a nicely packaged gift and these have it in the bag. They are all so wonderful and appealing.

via The Favor Box on Etsy

via Oh So Beautiful Paper

via Girls with Good Taste

via Wedding Chicks

via Wedding Gawker

via Etsy Lush
I have always loved homemade soap. I'm not sure why, but a great bar of soap can always make my day.  If Ben had to pick a wedding favor, I think he would go with the burlap sack of coffee beans.

Which one is your favorite?

Chevron Clutch Giveaway Winner

A  special thanks to everyone who participated in day three of "My Favorite Things" giveaway week. I have chosen a winner for the chevron clutch giveaway! This lucky person will receive a teal and white chevron clutch along with some of my favorite Bath & Body Works goodies. 

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