Splish splash!

We are preparing for warmer temperatures and rain this week.  Perfect for pulling out a fabulous collection of rain boots.  Here are some of my favorites I have come across on Pinterest.

Joules Wellies
Available only in Europe (sad face)

Hunter Boots
Chooka Fab Plaid Boots

Here is my trusty go-to cheetah pair... 

Cheetah Boots
- * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - *  - * - * - * -

I hope you have a fashionable rainy day! 

image source

Yummy Marshmallow Rolls

Hello, friends!

This week, one of my friends asked where I have been , saying that I have been missing from the blog world lately.  Sad, but true. Thank you for calling this out Mandy.

I haven't been able to post as much as I normally due to a busy schedule. I have been out of town a lot lately judging cheerleading competitions. When I make it back home, it is time to go straight to work at my "real" job.  I truly enjoy traveling to judge, but it does take so much time and energy.  My week nights have been filled with catching up with house chores which leaves little time for blogging.

I'm back though!

I thought I would share a recipe that I came across on Pinterest. I made these yummy marshmallow rolls from Eat at Allie's at a party I hosted last month.

Eat at Allie's 
These marshmallow treats were quick and easy to make.  All you need is the following ingredients:

  • Marshmallows
  • Pillsbury Crescent Rolls
  • Cinnamon
  • Sugar 
  • Melted Butter
Just coat each marshmallow in butter and dip into a cinnamon and sugar mixture.  Once coated in yummy goodness, wrap the marshmallow in crescent roll dough. (Side note - We brushed the top of the bundle in butter and topped with the cinnamon and sugar to add extra pizzazz. I don't believe the original recipe calls for this.)  Then just bake according to the crescent roll directions.

I took many lovely photos of this process, but unfortunately, my computer will not let me down load them so you will have to take in the inviting visual from Eat at Allies

A special thanks to Allie for developing this idea! 


A Place 2 Call Home

I recently started following A Place 2 Call Home and fell in love with Jen's style. I am currently swooning over one of her latest projects - her office.  Jen so nicely allowed me to share her room makeover with you.  The best part of this project... It was completed for just $246!

The Office Tour

Notice how nicely she makes the combination of traditional and modern flow in this room.
From the beginning - A blank slate.
Jen mentioned that several of the items, like this lamp and chalkboard, came from other rooms of her house or the attic.
I love being resourceful and re-purposing items you already own. It makes me so happy!
The little basket also come from her attic.
The other items came from a smaller set of bookcases that were previously in the room. 
The desk was $1 for Habitat for Humanity.  This is my type of shopping!
The shelves were $17 each from IKEA.
Most of the accessories came from her attic. PS-I would shop in this girl's attic any day!
The chevron rug caught my eye right away.  Jen said that rug was only $77 from Wayfair. What a great steal!
I would love to have a brown, navy or mustard color one for my living room.
I love, love, love this desk area!
The metal memo boards were $12.50 each.
The industrial looking light is from IKEA.
This ruler just might be my favorite feature in the room. I think it would be perfect for measuring ribbon!
The ruler also came from her attic and was adhered using mounting putty.
The 1, 2 and 3 jars were $2 from the Christmas Tree Shop.
The clock was $6 from IKEA.
The End

This is a great reminder that you can have style and function while maintaining a reasonable budget.  If you would like to see more design from Jen, I highly recommend you check out A Place 2 Call Home.  The rest of her home is just as wonderful as her office.

A special thanks to Jen for allowing me to share her home with you.

Savvy Style

I came across these beauties via my weekly Shop It To Me email.  I couldn't help but think it looked very similar to ones I recently saw at Target.

Bracelets from Free People

Mandy Stone Cuff by Free People
Regularly $288 * On sale for $99.95
Ebony Stone Cuff by Free People
Regularly $398 * On sale for $129.95

Bracelets from Target

Gold Cuff Bracelet with Wired Agate
Turquoise Agate Gold Metal Cuff Bracelet
Grey Agate Gold Metal Cuff Bracelet

I love finding great deals! I would say the Target versions are just as cute! Plus, they fit nicely in my budget.

Top Colors for Spring

Is it sad that I am already thinking of spring when we have barely had a winter?  We have usually seen several snow storms by this time of the year.  This season, we have only had a dusting of snow and one slight ice storm.  That is very unlike Kentucky.

I welcome these mild winter temperatures, but at the same time will be a bit worried about the environment if we don't get at least one big snow.

In the meantime, I will savor the thought of these fabulous colors brought to you by Pantone, the international color expert for designers.

Click here to read about the message each color sends.

What is your favorite? I love the Solar Power, Bellflower, Sodalite Blue (for Kentucky, of course!), Cockatoo and Starfish.

I can't help but think how nicely several of these would fit into a wedding color scheme. ;)

Also, speaking of spring... I am loving this spring trench coat from LOFT.

Striped Trench Coat, $148
30% off with the code: PRESIDENT
Happy warm weather!

Make a statement

A statement necklace is one of my favorite accessories. You can turn boring into glam in just seconds by adding one piece or layering several necklaces. Here are a couple combinations definitely making a statement. 

image via I Just Do My Thing

image via Fashion Salade

image via The Beauty File

image via Coco Kelley

image via Cupcakes and Cashmere
I challenge you to mix up your wardrobe by topping off a shirt or dress with a fabulous piece of jewelry. Happy styling! 

Great Valentine's Day finds

I found the perfect greetings cards through Groopdealz. One of which I gave to Ben for his birthday and the other I presented to him today for Valentine's Day.  The sayings could not be more perfect! I love you more than Pinterest and my iPad says true love. The best part - These cards were only $2 each, plus $1 for joint shipping. Shhhhhhhhhh.... don't tell Ben how little I spent. 

Groopdealz is similar to Groupon, but it focuses on homemade, Etsy-like items.  Each day I will receive an email with three to four items that are being offered at a discounted price. You have remembered the great chevron print pillow covers I purchased on Black Friday.  They were only $12 a set.  You can barely beat that price!  That is cheaper than TJ Maxx and Home Goods, even with shipping included.

You can  sign up using your email or "like" Groopdealz on Facebook to receive daily messages on the latest offerings. Below are some the most recent deals.

$4 Dangly Rose Earrings with Crystal Beads

$4.50 Crochet Bow Headband

$26 Personalized Monogram Board

$6 Mini Rosette Necklace
I love supporting American businesses and this is the perfect way to do this. Join Groopdealz! I promise you'll love it!

Also, happy Valentine's Day, my friends!

Je T'aime Printable Coffee Sleeves

These printable "I love you" coffee sleeves are perfect for my fiance!  He completed French courses in high school and je t'aime is one of the only phrases he remembers.  He will occasionally say this to me in a french accent and we both crack up.  He also LOVES coffee.

You can download and print this coffee sleeve from Eat Drink Girl by clicking here. Enjoy!

A Simply Sarah Engagement

One big surprise all started this past Monday..

On Monday, I had made plans to throw a small birthday dinner for my boyfriend Ben and invited family over to celebrate. To my surprise, the joke was on me because a birthday dinner for him turned out to be one great surprise for me!  

Ben took the day off of work for his birthday and I had met him for lunch.  I had given him my house key to go over early to start the lasagna for his birthday dinner.  I decorated my house with many birthday decorations and set the table with care.  I actually was a bit disappointed when I never received a text telling me how surprised he was by the nice decorations... I guess he was a bit preoccupied. 

After work, I made my home to find Ben standing outside the door when I arrived.  He opened the door to reveal a house full of rose petals and candles and then he PROPOSED! 

What a wonderful surprise! 

When our families arrived shortly after, I had found out that pretty much everyone (but me) knew about Ben's plan.  

Later, Ben shared this video that he recorded on his phone just before I came home.  I loved it and it brought me to tears.  He graciously allowed me to share this on Simply Sarah Style. 

Ben and I are actually from the same county and went to rival high schools.  We never met until our senior year at the University of Kentucky.  There we had a three hour night class together once a week.  Because it was a three hour class, my strategy had  been to sit next to the cutest boy in class to make the time go by.  I was shocked on the first day to find out the cutest boy in class, who I intentionally sat next to, was from my hometown area... The rest is history!

Here are a couple pictures of Ben and I through the years. 

Senior Year at UK when we first met
Ben supporting me at a cheer competition

A trip to the Smokey Mountains / "Make your own Indian headdress" at Thanksgiving 

Our trip to Hilton Head last summer

I cannot describe how excited I am to marry my best friend. After eight experiences as a bridesmaid, I am looking forward to my big day!
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