California Love

I just returned from my first trip to California and absolutely loved it!
Here are a few pictures showing the views from our hotel, Shutters:

Heaven on earth!

More pictures to come.


World Equestrian Games

I am excited to attend the World Equestrian Games next Friday.

This is the first time the event has been held in the US and I feel so blessed that they choose Lexington of all places since it is basically in our backyard.

What a great way for Lexington to welcome the world to Kentucky!

Isn't it amazing what they can do with a corn maze?


Traveling in Style

My friend will be traveling Boston for a meeting soon and wanted help putting together some memorable cooler weather looks for her first visit.

Here is my recommended packing list:


Lindsay Lohan.

* This color boot goes with everything!


Zoe Saldana

* Notice how she takes a snug fitting blazer and pairs it with a tee and necklace to create a more glamorous look.


Sarah Jessica Parker

* Skinny jeans are my jean of choice regardless of what season it is.


Katie Holmes

* Such a versatile piece - It provides both warmth and style!

These are my favorite fall pieces.
Can you think of any staples I forgot to mention?


Inspiration Station

I came across this home on Apartment Therapy.

It belongs to designer Tommy Smythe who is a designer living in Canada.

Enjoy the inspiration!

Click here for design advice from Tommy.


Organization made beautiful

Hello readers!

I am so sorry I have been MIA for the last week due to work obligations, but I'm back.

Organizing has been one of my passions/hobbies/natural behavior for such a long time. Even as a child I would organize items in the shopping cart or straighten up the shelves as my mother shopped. I just loved organizing things and still do. Now I have my own home to organize just the way I like.

I came across this idea for office organizing and thought it was precious! This shelf is functional, yet beautiful.

The authors of Country Living magazine tell you how to create this space-saving storage shelf in a couple simple steps:

Measure your shelf to determine the number of jelly jars to attach. Space them out evenly and mark their placement with a pencil. Start with clean jelly jars. Turn the shelf over and position the jar lids along the underside of the shelf. Attach each lid securely with two small nails; if the lid is too loose, it will spin. Fill the jars with colorful office and craft supplies — check out — and twist onto the lids.

I can't wait to try this.
Happy organizing!

You totally wear hats.

The first time my boyfriend and I saw this Target commercial on TV, he is like "that is so you and your way of thinking."

I just laughed and had to agree.

This reminds me of when Becky Bloomwood in Confessions of a Shopaholic finds the green scarf on sale and thinks "I will be the girl in the green scarf and everyone will know me as the stylish girl in the green scarf."

(By the way, I have read every book in the "Shopaholic" series by Sophie Kinsella and have loved them all. I highly recommend them if you are looking for a new good read.)

Everyone has a little shopaholic in them sometimes... right?


Hello Fall

This past weekend, the weather in Kentucky was fall-like staying in the low 70's range. It was beautiful and cool making me fall in love with all things that come along with autumn.

Speaking of fall, I came across this centerpiece from Country Living Magazine.

It's simple, but beautiful and everything fall-like.

Who knew decor could be this easy?

Just add fruit and nuts for an entertaining and interactive centerpiece!

I also came arcoss this article on painting your pumpkins metallic colors.

What chic pumpkins!

I am definitely booking my trip to the pumpkin patch now.


Sunshiny Day

Yellow, Black, & White
I'm totally loving this color combo in design!

above pictures from Country Living

above pictures from Sara's Party Perfect

above picture from Luxary Home Interior Ideas

Would you try yellow in your home?


One Big Blue Nation

In honor of the Cats win over the Cards yesterday, I thought I would share some of my favorite University of Kentucky inspired items. A fellow classmate of mine from college now has her own stationary company, M. Ellen Designs, and has created several UK/Lexington items that I absolutely love.

Below is a map she created for the city of Lexington as the excitement and tourism builds for the World Equestrian Games. These maps can be picked up for FREE at places around Lexington.
(I am still dying to have one so I can mat it and frame it for my house!)

Front of Lexington Map:

Back of Map:

More of my favorite M.Ellen Designs...

I love her illustrations because they are cute, preppy, and memorable.

If you attended the University of Kentucky, I know you must love these too!

For more on Mary Ellen's work, check out her blog at Mostly MEllen.


Stylist for the Day

My friend asked me to come up with some ideas for a dress she wants to wear for a wedding.

Here is what I came up with...

Julia's Dress

Feather Trim Ribbon Necklace (Forever 21) - $14.80

Glitzy Stretch Bracelet (Forever 21) - $12.80

Croco Floppy Box Heels (White House Black Market) - $88.00

J. Renee "Carmina" Handbag (Dillard's) - $125.00


Christmas Sale!

I spend so much time picking out the perfect Christmas card to send every year. I love looking at all the different options and then selecting the one that is so "me."

I just discovered that until September 22nd, Colorful Images is offering 20% off all their Christmas cards and stationary pieces (i.e. return address labels, envelope seals, etc.) making a pack of 24 personalized cards only $20.79. Plus, you receive FREE envelope seals with each box of cards!
If you spend over $30, you are eligible for FREE shipping too!

Here are some cute cards I found on their site:

Inside: "Enjoy all the gifts of Christmas"

"Peacock Luster"

Inside: "Celebrate the season with style. Merry Christmas!"

Happy Christmas Shopping!


Lemon Tree Creations

Lemon Tree Creations is a blog I follow daily. Each day it is updated with a new home improvement or craft project. It is so inspiring to see what the authors create from affordable pieces they purchased or items they already had laying around their homes.

The recent "Dining Room Update" post by Patrice really caught my eye because of the vintage elegance feel it creates. I am drawn to the laid back, yet sophisticated look.

Here is the before...

And the after...


Notice how the luxurious candle sticks, wine glasses, and decorative plates dress up the distressed wood of the table making it a pleasant combination. Most people would not think to mix and match this way keeping with one style or the other, but I love the combination of these pieces.

Love this transformation too?

Head over to Lemon Tree Creations to find out how Patrice transformed this room as well as to check out other recent projects!
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