Jamberry Review and Giveaway

I'm excited to introduce you to Jamberry Nails. A longtime friend and Jamberry rep, Sarah, reached out and asked if I would be interested in trying a set to see how they work.

Jamberry offers numerous prints, colors and finishes...so many that I had a hard time selecting my favorite. After spending an hour browsing the different nail wraps, I settled on Champagne Toast. Online, Champagne Toast had a taupe-y look, but in-person, the color is more silver. The glitter portion is definitely sparkly.

To apply the wraps - basically semi-permanant stickers - to your nails, you'll need:
  • a cuticle pusher
  • a hair dryer
  • small scissors
  • a fingernail file
I have to admit, I did my first nail incorrectly. Major user error! Lesson learned - the rounded edge goes towards your cuticles, not the other way around. Once I got into the swing of applying the wrap, the process went smoothly. Just blow-dry the wrap for a hot second and then apply it to your nail. Trim the access and then file in a downward motion to polish the edges. 

I was delightfully surprised by how well the wraps stuck to my nails and remained in place over the course of several days. 

Sarah will be sharing one Champagne Toast Jamberry set with one Simply Sarah Style reader! This giveaway also includes some of my favorites fall goodies:
  • Jamberry set 
  • A cozy infinity scarf
  • A "busy bee" notebook 
  • Lindt HELLO Chocolates
  • Post earrings 
  • Happy socks
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Q&A with Monera Chic Boutique

I'm delighted to introduce you to the newest Fort Thomas boutique! I did a feature on Monera Chic Boutique for Fort Thomas Matters. You can read more about the store here. It's a charming shop complete with everything a woman needs - clothing, accessories and even some home accents. 

I caught up with Monica Bruns-Howard, one of the shop owners, to find out a little more about her favorite boutique items and what gifts will be big this holiday season. 

The boutique is named after owners Monica Bruns-Howard and Tera Huddleston. The original concept for Monera started as home-based business. Tera began making jewelry as a way to keep her mind off her colon cancer diagnosis and treatment. Monica had partnered with her to grow a collection of handcrafted jewelry pieces. Once Tera received a bill of clean health, the two decided to launch a true store and offer a wide variety of chic items.  

Tera Huddleston and Monica Bruns-Howard

Q. What Monera items would we find in your personal collection?

Monica: My favorite three Monera most have items are Bourbon and Bowetie bracelets. I never leave home without them! Also, a great Aryeh tunic looks amazing with leggings and boots. My last go to item in my closet is a Pique and Olive bling cadet hat...grab a great hat and your off and running!  

(I purchased two Bourbon and Bowetie bracelets and absolutely love them!)

Q. What will be a top gift this holiday season?

Monica: A top gift for this holiday season are boot cuffs. All ages wear boots and the cuffs add great style to any outfit. We carry a couple brands: Coco & Carmen and Grace & Lace. The price ranges from $12.95 to $22.00, which is a great gift for anyone on your list. 

My top pick for a gift idea under $25 is the Ginger Snap pendant necklace with snap! 

Interested in seeing more? Monera has plenty of eye candy - great products and beautiful displays!

My friend, Christy, modeled my favorite Monera top. I think emerald green is my new favorite color!

The Monera Chic Boutique is open Monday through Saturday (Monday, Thursday and Friday: 10 am - 6 pm; Tuesday and Wednesday: 10 am - 7 pm; Saturday: 10 am - 4 pm). Follow the boutique on Facebook to stay up-to-date with their newest products. 

A FACEing Makeup Class with BRIDEface

A couple weekends ago, my friends and I signed up for a FACEing makeup class with the BRIDEface team. We thought it would be a fun and different way to celebrate my best friend's 30th birthday. 

I first learned about the FACEing makeup class from Nancy Dawson, owner of BRIDEface, an onsite bridal artistry and makeup coaching business with services in Cincinnati, Richmond and Washington DC. I interviewed Nancy for a Fort Thomas Matters feature. You must check out her Q&A here, especially her thoughts on the top five beauty items every woman should own.

Nancy was booked on our preferred date, so Mollie and Jasmine led our our private class. The class was held at BRIDEface's new studio in OTR, which is such an adorable, invigorating space. Their pink front door is a show-stopper!

Here are several aspects of the makeup class that really stood out to me:
  • Mollie and Jasmine provided instruction using the products found in our personal makeup bags. I was delighted to hear that some of the items I purchased for myself were among their personal favorites. It was great to get reinforcement from the pros! 
  • They recommended products we should purchase to round out our collections. They weren't brand loyal and didn't continuously recommend one brand over another. They even recommended a lipliner that was as cheap as $1.99. Talk about a score! 
  • They were patient with our questions...no matter how silly they seemed.
  • They gave us a written resource list outlining their favorite products and the retailers that sell them. I was thrilled to discover they too use items that you can find at Target, Walgreens and other drugstores. It was nice to hear you don't have to use all expensive department store products to achieve a polished and perfect look. 
  • They talked us through application techniques and then encouraged us to try the technqiues ourselves under their guidance. 
My friends and I loved this class. Not only did we feel beautiful, we also felt empowered. We now know the the tips and tricks for achieving our desired looks. 

What about you? Have your taken a BRIDEface FACEing class?


A Monster Bash - Jacob's First Birthday Party

Last year, my best friend, Julia, hosted a playful monster bash to celebrate her son's first birthday which fell the weekend before Halloween. Since it was so close to Halloween last year, I decided to hold the photos and share them this year.

Julia selected an orange, lime green, blue and black color scheme and relied on the oh so popular chevron print as an accent. In the picture below, she used wrapping paper as a table runner. I'm a big supporter of this practice and suggest it to everyone I work with when planning children's birthday parties. It makes for super simple cleanup!

Who knew googley eyes could be so fun? Just glue those suckers on a variety of products and you have little "monsters."

She featured several desserts - cake, cupcakes and homemade cookies. 

The monster cookies were an easy addition. Just tint sugar cookie dough with food coloring and add candy eyes. 

She incorporated son's one year photos and asked guests to share their well wishes on a mat to frame as a keepsake. 

She provided coloring pages on each table to keep younger guests entertained. 

I felt it was only fitting to decorate my gift bag. A little card stock and double-sided tape went a long way in creating this lighthearted monster. 

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