The Best of Unicorn Party Inspiration

Hey there! Remember me. Yeah, I know it's been a few weeks (okay, a month) since my last post, but all for a good reason. My baby boy turned one and I've been in party planning mode.  We hosted a two-day celebration last weekend with a family party on Saturday and a friends party on Sunday. With a March birthday, overflow to the outdoor patio area is not an option, so it made it difficult to fit all party guests into our house at one time. That's why we split the celebration in two. We basically threw the same party two days in a row, with different guests each day. We had a "Wild One" theme, which was so much fun to execute. Photos on that party to come!

Since I've had party planning on the brain, I've been thinking about how much fun a unicorn party would be for a little girl. With so many fabulous cakes and goodies out there, this theme would be easy to execute. In fact, I came across the cutest cake toppers, favor bags and unicorn horn party hats at Home Goods recently. They were so cute that I called my best friend and asked her if she would like me to buy them for her daughter's birthday later this year. The unicorn party was a "yes" for her, so I figured it was also a good reason to pull all of the amazing inspiration I've seen together in a blog post, so here it goes...


(PS-Isn't the name "Willow" adorable for a little girl. I love it!)




(For the record, that's playdough inside.)


(Buy a horn for your pony here.)

I cannot get enough of all of this cuteness! What about you? Have you had unicorns on the mind lately?

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