Ralph Lauren Fashion Show

Back in November, a Partner at the agency I work at asked me if I would like to work a Ralph Lauren fashion show with her. Of course my answer was, "Heck, yes!"  Now we do PR and event planning for our clients, but never have fashion show opportunities so I was thrilled to be a part of this.  

As part of the fashion team, the Partner Annie and I were responsible for five male models.  Not sure it gets better than that!  My colleague Carrie was partnered with another person to manage five other models. As part of our duties, we were responsible for the models through the dressing, styling and runway process.  I must say dressing/styling male models is one fun job!  I totally felt like Lauren from The Hills and Whitney from The City when they worked at Teen Vogue

I thought I would share some pictures from this fashion show which was held at Macy's

The director of the fashion show with the whole crew.
Some were professional models and others were loyal customers of the store. 

Some of the guys Annie and I worked with at the show.

The very engaging audience.

from L to R - Me, Carrie and Annie with the guys backstage

Last, but not least is our very own summer intern, Tony. It was a great surprise to find out a past intern at the agency was asked to be a model for this event.  Tony looked very handsome in his traditional Ralph Lauren attire.

Tony and I

Well that wraps up this recap. I loved being a part of the fashion show and learning about the behind-the-scenes operations. Would definitely do it again! 

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