Breakfast Entertaining Made Easy with Plenti Greek Yogurt

On a given day, you can find me entertaining at home or even hosting a group of clients for a breakfast meeting in the boardroom. Since menu-planning isn't a part of the entertaining equation that comes naturally to me, I lean on grocery store or take-out options that look impressive. I typically think of ways I can plate my store-bought snacks so that they look splendid.

I was delighted to discover that Yoplait is now offering Plenti greek yogurt that comes in an attractive bowl and is packed full with hearty ingredients. The combination of yogurt with whole grain oaks and flax and pumpkin seeds actually leaves you feeling full! (Find more about the ingredients here.)

With Yoplait Plenti greek yogurt, I can easily curate a bowl full of flavors and know they'll look great. Plus, it makes food prep and planning easy.

Since the new Plenti greek yogurt is extra filling, you don't need to worry about pairing this breakfast dish with much more when hosting a gathering or meeting with light refreshments. Consider adding a few mini muffin flavors along with drink options and you're all set for an easy, but attractive breakfast spread.

Plenti greek yogurt comes in a full spectrum of flavors:
  • black cherry
  • blueberry
  • coconut
  • peach
  • raspberry
  • spiced apple
  • strawberry
  • vanilla
I picked up the full selection at Kroger and discovered that my favorite flavor is black cherry! I even found myself craving Plenti greek yogurt after an evening workout. 

In today's fast-paced world, I think we can all appreciate the things that save us time while also providing us with delicious goodness. 

Are you like me when it comes to entertaining? Love the art, but are often looking for ways to simplifying without sacrificing goodness? 


My Kentucky Tee - June "Independence"

This weekend is all about gearing up for the Fourth of July party we will host next Saturday. We're asking family and friends to "Celebrate Independence Day in Independence"... Independence, Kentucky that is. (Throwing your own Fourth of July party? Get inspiration here.)

One thing I can definitely check off my list: attire selection. 

I was thrilled when this month's My Kentucky Tee subscription featured a patriotic design, especially one that calls out the name of our city. If you entered the giveaway last month, you know how I plan on styling this tee - a pair of white skinnies, glam jewelry and some strappy sandals. 

Wondering what's My Kentucky Tee? My Kentucky Tee is a monthly subscription program that sends you a unique Kentucky-specific t-shirt in the size of your choice every month. The best part? This subscription service is only $15/month. 

Want a sneak peek of the July design? You can find it here.

This post was sponsored by My Kentucky Tee, but all opinions are my own.

What to see when visiting Panama City Beach

We just returned home from a much-needed beach vacation. Ben and I spent a week in Panama City Beach with his family. We booked late in the season, so the only open beach-front condo we could was in Panama City, which was a-okay with me as I've made many unforgettable memories there. Of course, most of them involve vacationing with my friends for senior trip or college spring break. I must admit... the best week of my life was spent there during spring break my junior year.

While visiting this year, it occurred to me that Panama City Beach is much like the Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge area - very touristy with one tacky souvenir shop after another.

Instead of strictly limiting our activities to Panama City, my colleagues recommended we check out Rosemary BeachAlys Beach and Seaside, which were a short drive down 30A. Let me tell you... these are the places to be!

Next time, I'm staying in Rosemary Beach, Alys Beach or Seaside. These charming beach towns rocked my world. Talk about gorgeous! They are a must-see next time you're visiting Panama City or Destin.

Image via Grayton Coast Rentals
I thought I would share a little mini tour so you can get a sneak peak of these beauties.

Rosemary Beach

Rosemary Beach was my favorite. It reminded me of the Village of Mariemont in Cincinnati. It truly had the vibe of a European village. The streets were lined with gorgeous dwellings. You could easily slip in and out of inviting boutiques, restaurants and coffee shops.

While browsing one boutique, the sales associate told me that we must visit The Pearl Hotel and have drinks at the rooftop bar. And that we did! 

The Pearl (pictured above and below) was stunning! With a classic black and white exterior and lavish furnishings, this hotel should be on your "to-visit" list even if you don't plan on reserving a room. (Rooms range from $500 to $700 a night.)

The sales associate at that boutique was right! The rooftop bar was exceptional! 

We sipped margaritas and pina coladas while enjoying the breeze, listening to sounds of the beach not far away and taking in the sights.

Some of the sights included the stunning pool and cabana areas alongside the rooftop bar.

Here are a few more shots around town...

Alys Beach

Blink and you'll miss Alys Beach. It seemed like a tiny town. It's just outside of Rosemary Beach. I promise you will notice the main drag though. Palm trees and white buildings line the entrance. 


Seaside was comparable to Rosemary Beach in terms of the amount of restaurants and shops. In fact, it might even have more. This town's vibe was different than Rosemary though. The architecture had more of a true southern feel, but was equally as charming.

St. Andrews 

In addition to our trips down 30A, we also found fun cruising the St. Andrews area. We booked an excursion through Paradise Adventures and took a catamaran boat out to Shell Island. (That's my hubby helping to raise the sail.)

Our trip included dolphin-watching, free cocktail tickets and two hours of water inflatables, banana boat rides and snorkeling. To top it off, the price was pretty reasonable - only $60 per person for a half day excursion.

So, what are your favorite things to do when visiting the Panama City Beach area?

A Betsy Ross American Flag-themed Bridal Shower

I recently hosted a bridal shower for my dear cousin Betsy. Since Betsy's new last name will be Rossi, we decided to host a "Betsy Ross" American flag-themed shower. (You know... since Betsy Ross was credited with creating the first American flag.)

I wanted to play up the red, white and blue in a glamorous way.

I set three tables: the dining table, our sunroom table and one long folding table. They each looked a bit the same, but also a bit different.

I worked with my favorite Fiverr artist to create an illustration of Betsy and her fiancé. (Be sure to check out the other illustrations this artist has produced for me. They're incredible. This girl is good!)

Here's my best budget tip for party-planning: Buy wrapping paper and use it as a table runner. (You can find my favorite sources for wrapping paper and all the ways you can use it creatively here.) I lucked out and found this textured navy and white wrapping paper at TJ Maxx for only $2.99. The roll provided enough footage to cover two tables. 

Another one of my favorite tricks: Give bottled water a custom look by removing the labels and wrapping the bottles with patterned Duct tape. Also, if you're going to buy Duck tape, I recommend using a Michael's coupon from your phone and getting 40% off a roll.

As far as the drink selection, we offered water, tea and strawberry lemonade. I used Crystal Light for a low cal option. I also stumbled across a patriotic bottle of vodka and had to buy it. So I said, "Let there be vodka lemonade!"

A first for me... I dropped $15 in candy just to fill an apothecary jar. I recently became obsessed with Party City's wall of color-coded candy, especially the Sixlets. They're so good and you can buy them in the color of your choice.

The Cheeky tableware (plates and cups) were some of my favorite purchases. I always love the Cheeky selection at Target. Plus, the company donates one meal to Feeding America per purchase. 

I've used the chevron cups on a couple of occasions and people always ask about them. They feature a vibrant design, plus are extremely durable.

For dessert, we selected a gorgeous "naked" cake, but it turns out "naked" cakes don't travel well. Our cake had a little sliding incident, so the baker showed up at my house to repurpose the cake-slide into individual mason jar treats. 

Here's what it looked like before we decided it needed to be broken down. Even with it's imperfections, it was still beautiful! 

It ended up looking just as stunning packaged as individual treats! 

My sweet mother made all the pie pops, and once she ran out of sticks, she made mini heart-shaped pies. She is so darn talented! I used the pie pops as party favors. 

To create a keepsake, I asked party guests to leave well wishes for the bride and groom on a large canvas letter. 

I even decorated the porch, although we didn't end up spending much time outside due to the heat.

Overall, it was a lovely day and I hope Betsy felt surrounded by love. 

A special thanks to everyone who joined us to celebrate! 

Here's to a wonderful wedding and a lifetime of happiness for Betsy and Dom!

Source List 

See something you liked? Find the items here:

Caricture - Fiverr
Plastic Cups & Plates - Cheeky at Target
Striped Table Runner - Wrapping Paper from TJ Maxx
Red Berry Cartons - Michael's
Blue Gingham Paper Liners - Michael's
American Flags - Michael's
Metal "R" - Michael's
Denim Ampersand - Michael's
Marquee Ampersand - Michael's
Gold Chargers - Michael's
Metallic Paper Stars - Party City
Red & Blue Sixlets - Party City
Crystal Candle Sticks - Macy's (wedding gift)
Large White "R" as Guest Book - Hobby Lobby
Wooden Utensils - Ivana's Gifts and Things on Etsy
Striped Straws - Kirkland's
Pie Pops - My momma
Patriotic Paper Garland (not pictured above) - Snooty Blooms on Etsy
Party Invitation (not pictured above) - Bash Studio


Fabulous Fun and Fashion Observation at I Love Lucy Live on Stage

Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of attending I Love Lucy Live on Stage. The Broadway in Cincinnati team was so kind to invite me to opening night. I brought my sister-in-law, Laura, who is a huge theater fan. She's currently starring in the Showbiz Player's The Addam's Family at the Carnegie. Laura is also the talent behind the vlog Camera Behind the Curtain. Although she had never watched I Love Lucy (I'm going to say because of her age), she was thrilled to attend. This girl never turns down show tickets. 

I personally remember watching I Love Lucy as a child. Growing up in a household without cable TV, I only had five channels to choose from and I Love Lucy was often a choice on one of the five. I would say I have seen enough episodes to be pretty familiar with the characters, but wouldn't go as far to say I have seen every episode.

What I loved about this Broadway show is that the story was told from behind the curtain making the audience part of the show. The Aronoff was transformed into a 1950s TV studio in LA and we were instantly part of a live taping of I Love Lucy. Throughout the night, they filmed two episodes of the show, and in between, we enjoyed live commercials featuring memorable brands. I chuckled when the cast sang, "See the USA in your Chevrolet." The lyrics state, "Drive your Chevrolet..." I had to agree. In fact, I drove my Chevrolet to the show that night. I have actually only owned Chevrolets. 

Another aspect of the show that spoke to me was the fashion. Lucy looked quite stunning in her costumes. I would have loved to live in the 1950s. Big A-line skirts and cocktail-style dresses suit me well. Lucy's outfit (see above) in the first episode was so unique and lovely. It was essentially a pants suit with a wrap-around skit. I tried to find a photo of her standing online, so you could see it in its' greatness, but had no luck. I did find this old sewing pattern that reflects a similar style.

The other female cast members also donned gorgeous gowns for the live commercials. I especially love the navy one below. 

The entire show is entertaining. The cast meets the mark when bringing Lucy, Ricky, Fred and Ethel to life. Thea Brooks and Euriamis Losoda are dead-on replicas of Lucy and Ricky - both in look and character execution. And that Ricky is such a cutie! 

I promise you'll laugh and chuckle throughout the show. You even get to participate in the storyline as you're transformed into the studio audience. 

There's still time remaining to catch I Love Lucy at the Aronoff. It runs through June 14, with shows every day, but Monday. You can find additional ticket information here.

A special thanks to Broadway in Cincinnati for inviting me to join them on opening night!
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