Do you pinterject?

So sorry I have been offline for a couple days now.  My good ol' Dell computer from 2005 is about to die.  It has been dying a long, slow death, but I haven't broke down to buy a new computer yet.  Just trying to wait it out until I can purchase the Mac that I want need. 

On a day basis, my poor old computer asks me if I would like to clear more memory.... and I would, but there is nothing left to delete. I have deleted every program I don't use on a regular basis. I think I my biggest concern about giving up on my computer is saving the thousands of pictures I have stored there. 

So anyway, that brings me today's post.  It has been a couple days since my last post. Since then, the lovely boyfriend sent me the below picture. It pretty much wraps up my life since joining Pinterest.

image source

Can you relate? 

It seems that everyday I get several new emails stating that one of my friends (from Facebook) just joined Pinterest. Many men are even getting on "board" (no pun intended).

I do believe Pinterest has changed my life for the better.

To conclude, I thought I would share this video from WTFPinterest. Enjoy!


  1. Sarah:
    Thanks so much for linking to our video! Unfortunately, we had to re-load it, which changed the URL. It can now be found here:, and you can get the embed from YouTube. Thanks so much for sharing it! We appreciate you!

    1. Thank you so much for the notification. I have uploaded the new one.

      Great video!


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