Easter Sweets

Fabulous Pinterest-inspired ideas to keep in mind as you plan your Easter menu...   


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Which one is your favorite?

I'm loving the chocolate-dipped chick Peeps. :)

Easter Prep

I'm in the process of prepping to host Easter again this year.  This will be the second year in a row I have hosted for this holiday.  I'm looking forward to adding many delightful touches to our celebration with inspiration from all my fabulous Pinterest finds (a post on this to come soon). Here is a quick tour of some of my Easter garnish.  More Pinterest-inspired decorations and party favors to come!

The Mantle

This wooden Easter Bunny is my favorite spring decoration!
I found it at Tuesday Mornings on clearance. Plus, I received 50% off the clearance price... a super score!

I downloaded, printed and framed this "Happy Easter" design from Visual Eye Candy.
A special thanks to Debbie for sharing this!

I made this wreath using a wire coat hanger, burlap strips and leftover ribbon.
Interesting in making your own? Here is a helpful tutorial from the Dishy Decorator.

Side Table Accents

I also wanted to feature a wooden rabbit I have had since my toddler days.
I'm glad my mom passed him along to me for good keeping.

The Front Door

I made a little door decor by combining a wooden Easter decoration, ribbon and an old frame.
Quick and easy! 

Have you showcased Easter decorations on your blog? I would love to see them as I plan to deck my house out for next weekend.  Drop the link in the comment section below if you would like to share.  

A Ballerina Party by Grey Luster Girl

A must-see Ballerina Party party by Grey Luster Girl is one celebration I would have loved as a little girl. Lisa, creator of Grey Luster Girl, was so sweet in allowing me to share this with you. If you love DIY projects and recipes, this is one blog you must check out! Below are the lovely details that made up a precious party guests will not to forget.

The Invitation 



Party Favors

Ballet Lessons

The party wouldn't be complete without a real ballerina available to give lessons.

More details on Lisa's DIY ballerina party can be found via the links below.


Loving this purchase

I just received my first pair of Toms in the mail from Nordstrom. For weeks, I have been debating over what design and color to purchase.  I finally settled on the classic grey pair for $43.95.  With the weather quickly changing to warm temperatures, I needed something to wear instead of the boots I had been wearing every day.  I am hoping these will be versatile so I can throw them on with anything from jeans to sweatpants. I had heard that you should order a half size smaller than normal because they expand based on wear so I purchased a 6.5 instead of 7.  

For every pair of Toms you purchase, they will give a new pair of shoes to a child in need. With a mission like that, I feel like I should buy ten pairs!

After my first day rocking them, I love them.  They are so light.  It's like walking on air.  

It won't be long before I own the metallic, crochet, and grosgrain pairs.   :) 

Mint Metallic Linen Women's Classics $48
Natural Crochet Women's Classics $58
Petal Grosgrain Women's Classics $54

Design and Redesign

Almost a year ago, I blogged about wanting a plate wall in my dining room after seeing the ones done so nicely in the pages of Country Living Magazine.  Initially, this glamour girl painting from Hobby Lobby resided here on the wall.

After a trip down TJ Maxx's clearance aisle, I found a variety of plates for $2 each.  I thought to myself, "Wow, this would be a great start to that fabulous plate wall."  My initial attempt included a symmetrical design, maybe too symmetrical. 

I didn't love it and neither did the wall.  One day, I came home to find only three lonely tea cups remaining...

Every plate had fallen off the wall.  I guess my "glue-a-paperclip-to-the-back-off-a-plate" trick (like I saw on someone else's blog) did not work very well.  I actually took this picture after I cleaned up the mess.  Surprisingly, many plates were still in tack. I only lost two in battle between the wall and the clips.

Almost a year later, here is what the plate wall looks like today.  I like it. I'm much happier with the product.  It's not so predictable.

I purchased two shelves from the Christmas Tree Shop for $8 each and topped them off with the $2 TJ Maxx plates.

I layered some frames for interest.  The gold frame actually came from an old piece of artwork we had in our college house.  The argyle piece was a blank wooden frame from Michael's that I "Mod- Podged" with scrapbook paper.  I filled the inside of the frame with a complimentary pattern of paper.

Lastly, I topped off the shelve decor with this lovely owl, who was a gift from my mother. I believe he came from Home Goods.

I am much happier with this look.  Sometimes all it takes is design and redesign!

This project is also available on C.R.A.F.T.'s Making Monday Marvelous.


Orange Leaf Love

Today marked a great first!  I visited the new Orange Leaf in town for the very first time.  They opened an Orange Leaf shop a couple minutes from our office so a few of my coworkers and I stopped in during lunch.  I have had gourmet ice cream before, but fell in love with the number of frozen yogurt flavors (at least ten) and the countless topping options. You, not the shop workers, build your yogurt masterpiece making into the creation of your desire. 

 Here is what I filled my cup with:  

1/3 birthday cake with sprinkles
1/2 strawberry with fresh strawberries and kiwis
1/3 vanilla with Reese Pieces  

They charge by the ounce so my yogurt creation was only $3.92! 

They even had the cutest shovel-like biodegradable spoons.   

Orange Leaf makes for a very happy lunch crew! 
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