Super Hero Birthday Party Recap

I'm pleased to share a client's photos from the Super Hero Birthday Party I helped with earlier this year!

This party was a perfect example of the "DIY Approach" party planning package from Simply Sarah Style. This package includes four inspiration boards and a resource guide outlining the places in which you can purchase the suggested packages. Curious? You can find the inspiration boards from this Super Hero Birthday Party here.

With this package, I provide you with the creative concepts and you execute.

I think this client did an amazing job executing based on the ideas we discussed!

How cute are the little Batman peanut butter sandwiches?!? 

I love how she made the most out of Pyrex dishes and used them as small, power-punching bowls of veggies. 

Have you seen cuter fruit skewers? So adorable and so easy to assemble! 

She loaded up chevron favor bags with potato chips for easy-to-handle snacks.

A special thanks to Elaine for allowing me to share photos from the party! 


  1. Super cute!! Love it!

    1. I agree. She did a great job.

      Thanks for stopping by, Lelia!

  2. do you know how the tops of the fruit skewers were made? this year's relay for life theme is super heros and we would like to do something like that.

    1. Hi, Carol. You can find links to several super hero-themed printables, including the fruit skewer ones, in this post:

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Hi - I cant find the tops to the fruit skewers on the site? Can you send me the link?

    1. Hello - You can source the printables here:


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