Memorable Save the Date

I came across this Save the Date on the Black and White {Side by Side} blog and absolutely LOVED it.

How unique!

Your guests even receive a pencil and pad with their Save the Date.

Brides - Take note!  This is a wonderful idea!


Winter Projects

For the holidays, I used my Cricut to create personalized Christmas gifts. You might remember my previous post on how I used my Cricut to create vinyl quotes for my home.

This year, I absolutely loved finding the perfect present and monogramming it for my family and friends.  Here are some of my final products...

I created this reusable shopping tote for some friends at work. This is the tote I made for Shannon. I think it turned out beautifully! I love how well the pink pops on the black and white background.

Below is the serving set I designed for the Petracco family. This was a big hit and definitely a project I will do again. I created a glass for each family member. (Please excuse the dimly lighted photo.)

Here are some matching western pilsner glasses I created for my sister and her fiance. Instead of polka dots, I covered the glasses in small horses and then added their names for a personalized touch.

I created so many more items this Christmas, but unfortunately, did not take pictures of them. I definitely will in the future though. I promise to bring you higher quality photos that better showcase the products.

The NEXT project... personalized Easter buckets. Custom orders available. Pictures to come!

Kitchen Inspiration

This year I began subscribing to Country Living Magazine. With my Kentucky background and family's love for horses, I have always gravitate towards the southern living lifestyle. The below image arrived in my email inbox as part of a Country Living message. I absolutely loved it! I think it was tin and wood mixture as well as the traditional American feel that drew me to it.

Here are some other kitchen images that inspire me...

Everyone who knows me or who has visited my house and seen the decorative peacock in my living room.  Funny how one turned up in this kitchen too.  I also love the chandelier here. This photo shows how you can mix glam and traditional wood for an elegant setting.

This one definitely says "I love the outdoors."  I know my mom would LOVE this kitchen!

What girl wouldn't love a pink refrigerator? How shabby chic this kitchen is.

Love this sink! How unexpected.

all photos from Country Living

I highly recommend Country Living to anyone with the love for the south. It is a definite joy that I look forward to every month.


Teal & Red

I have always loved the color combination of teal and red. I have seen so many weddings and rooms coated with these hues. I personally would have loved to decorate my living room in these shades but opted for a more neutral palate since this area overspills into the dining room, kitchen, and foyer.

Here are some examples of teal and red done right...

photo from Country Living

photo from decopad

photo from squareone

photo from decopad

photo from aposhplan

On Polyvore, I put together my own combination of teal and red. Yes, I know this red animal hide rug is definitely pushing the envelope but I think it can be done tastefully.

Teal & Red

$399 -

$299 -

200 GBP -

$79 -

70 GBP -

69 GBP -

$9.99 -

$328 -


Weekend Wreath Project

While reading Lemon Tree Creations, I came across a tutorial on how to create a shabby chic wreath using scrapbook paper. 

wreath by Erin from Lemon Tree Creations

It looked simple enough so I set out to Michaels to purchase some supplies. 

Here was my shopping list:
  • One styrofoams wreath - $5.99
  • Seven 12 x 12 inch sheets of scrapbook paper - $4.13 ($0.59 each) 
  • A sheet of pearls with adhesive backs - $0.99
Supplies I already had at home:
  • Hot glue gun
  • Ribbon
  • Sewing pins
After following the super easy tutorial step-by-step, here is my finished product:

My front door was lacking some pizazz after I took down the Christmas decorations so I thought this would be the perfect place to display my new artwork. I'm pleased how it turned out!

Interested in creating a similar wreath, click here.


Beat the Winter Blues

As the winter blues sets in, many of us are looking for ways to perk up.   Here is one way to perk up your wardrobe.  I put together this combination... Perfect for a working woman!
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