100 Calorie Workout

Hello, blogger friends. I thought I would share this quick and easy-to-remember workout routine. I found this via Pinterest (no surprise). I am not sure if it really burns 100 calories, but I would like to think so.  This routine is short enough and interesting enough to keep me engaged.

Growing up as a cheerleader, I never had to go to a "gym" to workout.  All the tumbling and stunting we did at practice worked every muscle, even muscles we didn't know we had.  Now, I struggle trying to motivate myself to go to a "gym" and get on a treadmill.  A treadmill is not my style.  I like fun workouts!

Last year, I discovered Zumba and fell in love.  Dancing for an hour was a great, enjoyable workout for me. I also occasionally do the workout below. I guess you should do it multiple times to get an even better workout, but doing it once at least makes me feel like I got some form of workout in my day.  I often increase the reps for more challenge.

Do you have any other at-home workout routines to recommend? I would love to hear about them.  


  1. I used to do Leslie Sansone Walk At Home DVDs. They are great. I need to get back to exercising!

    1. I will have to check it out. Thanks for the tip!


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