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Lately, I've been dreaming of investing in some splurge pieces for my wardrobe. I recently watched a webinar - "19 Stylist Secrets to Saving Money without Sacrificing Style - by Hilary from Dean Street Society, a style and business consulting blog.

Hilary said to think of the "High Low Cocktail" when getting dressed. Mix a high-end item with budget-friendly items for balance.

I've been thinking of that High Low Cocktail recipe. I excel when it comes to bargain shopping, mainly because I find it hard to break down and spend a chunk of change. Although, I've always been a believer in the power of a statement handbag! One quality handbag will last you years, while a low cost handbag will only last you a season. I feel it's best to spend up front and have a durable piece people admire vs. spend $40 every season and have a handbag that breaks after regular wear. 

With the above being said, I've had my eye on several "splurge pieces." Here are a couple brands I think are splurge-worthy...

GiGi New York

I'm dying to get my very own monogrammed clutch. They offer so many colors that it is hard to decide which I would like need most. 

(Styled by The Sweetest Thing)
Investment: $165

Loren Hope 

Loren Hope pieces are breathtaking! Do you follow Loren on Instagram? I'm captivated by her stylized photos.

Investment: $78 each

Investment: $118 

Investment: $378

Hunter Boots

I received the "Jade" Hunter Boots as a gift and absolutely love them! They bring me so much happiness. I could totally rock them every day. I'm starting to think I would also appreciate a black pair.

Investment: $140

Do you own any of these pieces? If so, I would love to hear your review. Are they worth the investment?

What are your favorite investment brands? 

Kentucky Derby Party Planning

It's almost time for the Run for the Roses! This is a call for celebration, especially if you live in the great state of Kentucky. You may remember my Kentucky Derby outfit planning post from a couple weeks ago. Now that your outfit is set, it's time to make your party plans. If you're entertaining, you still have time kick in some southern charm.

Here are my top picks that will make you the Derby darling:

Invitations by Tiny Prints | Four Roses Bourbon | Mint Julep Print by The Tenant

Listing of Free Kentucky Derby Printables 

Want to get started? Here's a list of sites providing free printable party supplies: 

Happy planning! 

All Girls Love Gold Glam

Isn't funny how your personal style changes? I mean, in high school, I wanted to stay as far away from yellow gold as possible. I thought (and all my friends thought) it seemed dated. Back in the day, I was all about the white gold and silver. Did anyone else go through the same thing?

Fast forward 12 years and things have majorly changed. Well, my distaste for yellow gold has majorly changed. I now love gold in the traditional sense and welcome it with open arms. I wear a ton of it as far as statement jewelry is concerned and I find myself gravitating towards many gold home accents.

I recently ordered this "DREAM BIG" print by Abby & Grace for a client's master closet makeover. I loved it so much that I ended up putting another order through... just for myself.

Continuing on my gold kick, I thought I would share my favorite foil prints. Just matte them and frame them. And bam! You have affordable (and glamorous) artwork.

And finally...

Which is your favorite?

Kentucky Derby Outfit Planning

The 2014 Kentucky Derby is only a month away, which means it's time to start planning! 

Whether you actually have tickets or will be attending a party, you must look the part of a charming, southern belle with your flirty dress and exquisite hat.

I mixed one fabulous hat and accessories with two different dresses. I couldn't choose between them. They were both too darn cute. You must let me know which is your favorite! 

Is dressing up your favorite Derby tradition or do you live for the Mint Juleps? 

Q&A with Melissa from Sweet Lucy's Cakery

When I stumbled across cake pops from Sweet Lucy's Cakery, located in Fort Thomas, Kentucky, I fell in love. You might even remember seeing my little "research" teaser here

Melissa, the owner, has the magical ability to turn any concept into a cake pop masterpiece. Each pop I see is better than the next! I mean how cute and clever are these Easter bunny cakes? 

Since I'm often ordering specialty desserts to serve at my personal parties as well as providing recommendations to clients, I asked Melissa if she would be interested in participating in a Q&A. She was sweet enough to allow us to peer inside her enchanted world of art and icing.

Without further ado…

Q. What are your best selling designs?

Melissa: The Classic Cake Pop is my best seller (this is cake and icing rolled into a ball, placed on a stick and dipped in chocolate), but I can make Cake Pops in just about any theme. Recently, the biggest selling shaped Cake Pop has been The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which has been surprisingly ordered for 40-something year old men. I guess we all hold a special place in our heart for our favorite childhood characters.

Q. What flavors do you offer? 

Melissa: Sweet Lucy's offers certain flavors year-round, such as French Vanilla, Triple Chocolate Fudge, Red Velvet, Strawberries and Cream, Cookies and Cream, Confetti and Wedding Cake. I also offer seasonal flavors like Pumpkin Spice, Cinnamon Carrot, Gingerbread and Hot Cocoa. My favorite Spring flavors are Summertime Lemonade and Orange Dreamsicle. Although, the choices are almost endless!

French Vanilla is the most popular flavor, followed by Red Velvet. Lemon is a huge draw during Spring and Summer months.

Q. What designs will be popular for spring? 

Melissa: Easter will bring some darling designs (lots of flowers, eggs, ducks and bunnies), but I feel that most popular designs will be for graduations and weddings. There really are so many things that you can do with cake and chocolate. Your imagination is really the only limitation.

Q. What’s the most interesting project you have completed? 

Melissa: I have a lot of favorite projects that I have completed... I made Cake Pops for Jimmy Buffet when he was in town. That was pretty special!

Melissa: Honestly, I think that my  favorite project was a cake ball cake that I made for a wedding at Devou Park. It was five-tiers of fondant-covered cake forms, holding over 550 cake pops. When I completed the project, I found myself just gazing at it in awe. I could not believe that I had created something so beautifully grand and unique! 

Q. What made you want to start offering cake pops on a large scale? 

Melissa: I kind of stumbled into it. I had my first "large" order back in 2011 when I landed the GE Holiday party. The company happened to order 600 cake pops based on a friend's recommendation. It was mind boggling to me that I had to make six hundred! The whole family chipped in and it took us four days. Now, I can do at least 400 cake pops per day. 

Since then, I have partnered with Procter & Gamble, Core Resources and LensCrafters, among others. To date, my largest order has been 2,300 Cake Pops that I completed in a six-day period. Now that was a busy week! 

Q. What's your favorite cake pop (if you're allowed to have a favorite as the owner)?

Melissa: Of course, I have a favorite (whether I'm allowed to or not). My favorite flavors are the Carrot or the Lemon. My favorite character that I have ever made has to be Eeyore. I have a lot of fun with character pops like Mickey and Minnie Mouse or even Hello Kitty. Halloween Cake Pops are the most fun for me, because it's my favorite holiday! 

If you can dream it up, then I can probably turn it into edible art... pretty, yummy and so unique!

Want to see more of Sweet Lucy's Cake Pops, be sure to browse the photo gallery here.

A special thanks to Melissa for sitting down to share some insights with Simply Sarah Style readers! 
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