PB Envy

Pottery Barn has to be my favorite home decor store. I love absolutely everything in the catalog... and I mean everything! Some of the items are out of my price range, but if you wait it out long enough they will go on sale.

Here are some of the items I have had my eye on...


Vintage Keys

Vintage Keys in Action...

Mult-Mat Frames

I'm thinking of adding the Pottery Barn keys and frames (above) to this wall at my house which is a work in progress. (Notice the paint splats. I'm trying to decide on a color.)

Any ideas?


Hearst Castle

When visiting Hearst Castle in San Simeon, California I was in awe of the architecture... especially both the outdoor and indoor pools.

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the trip:

the Outdoor Pool

the Indoor Pool

How beautiful!

Guilty Pleasure

I'm a magazine junky. I love reading them. It provides me with escape and relaxation. I recently came across a couple wonderful Zara pieces in a magazine which drew me towards their website.

After browsing, here are my top Zara picks:


MIX & MATCH CITY $149.00



I want them all!

Which one is your favorite?


Shutters on the Beach

Here are some photos from Shutters, the hotel we stayed in while visiting Santa Monica.

One word: STUNNING!

* The entire hotel room looks as if you were staying in someones house.
* There were phones in every room (even the one housing the toilet only).
* There was a TV in the bathroom so you can stay entertained while getting ready.
* You can buy any decor piece inside your room and take it home. How exciting!

Suits You Perfectly

My friend asked me to her find a statement suit for a big work event.

Here it goes:


Less Traditional...

Far From Traditional...

Styles compliments of the Limited

Happy shopping!


Too Cute

These were just too cute not to blog about:

Monogrammed Polka Dot Coffee Mugs by Monkey See Boutique


Jim Hjelm Occassions

While most of my friends are in baby mode, I still have a few in wedding mode. This post goes out to my sister, my friend, and my coworker who are all planning weddings at the moment.

I am always drawn to Jim Hjelm dresses in bridal magazines. I think the dresses are beautiful, but I also love how they style each gown with statement jewelry to create a memorable look.

Here are some of my current favorites:

My absolute favorite:

I love all things ruffled!

Which one is your favorite?


Let It Rain

I just found these reasonably priced equestrian style boots at Banana Republic and am in love!

They are actually a rain boot but you would never know. They even come lined with support.

They come in two color combinations:


I purchased the all brown ones and they turned out to be the perfect footwear for a fall festival I attended this Saturday.

I highly recommend them!

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