Three Thrifty Finds

As mentioned prior, I used to dread the days my mom forced me to go into a thrift store. Now as a home owner, I get it. I get the excitement of finding the perfect piece of home decor or an accessory for pennies.

In addition to visiting all the normal stores on Black Friday, my mom and I stopped in a thrift store. Here are the finds I came home with:

Three items for $3.98 (including tax)

  1. Equestrian Style Belt - $2.00

  2. A set of old fashion milk glasses - $0.50

  3. A 12 pack of gold ball ornaments - $1.25

(basket not included)

Deals like this make my day!

What was your best Black Friday deal?


Thanksgiving Blessings

There are so many blessing to be thankful for this holiday season. One thing I am truly thankful for is the fact that my family always likes to be festive for every occasion.
Here are some shots from our family Thanksgiving:

Family festivities complete with head dresses and spiritual names.
Celebrating in style!

Sperry Top-Siders

I never paid attention to my mom when she would tell me that one day I would care more about comfort and less about what the shoes looked like. Now I have found a shoe that satisfies both needs! I can honestly say that I absolutely LOVE my Sperrys because they are so comfortable and cute. I currently own two pairs: one leather and one plaid. I wear my Sperrys for days when I know I'm going to be on my feet a lot. For example, this summer they ended up being perfect choices for concerts and fairs.

Here are new styles I am crushing on this season...


(in platinum gold)

(in griege, yellow, and bone)

(in sand suede)



Do you own a pair?

What's your favorite style?


Savoring the last traces of fall

With Christmas season knocking at our doors, I wanted to savor the last days of the autumn atmosphere.

My mom brought over some branches from the bush in her front yard. They made the perfect accent pieces for my foyer and dining room. The best part... this decor was completely FREE!

Goodbye fall... I'll be counting down the days until you visit us again! Love, Sarah


Frugal Fashionista

I fell in love with these shoes cheetah print booties featured on the Frugal Fashionista site.

I also have noticed that "capes" will be in this season. I may try my hand at them!

Check out Frugal Fashionista for great outfit ideas on a budget. You'll be addicted at keeping up with the new posts.


Craft Day - Project 2

I purchased a sofa bed earlier this year so my friends would have somewhere to sleep when they visited. This piece came from IKEA and included a white cover as well as two white pillows. To entertain myself on Saturday, I decided I was going to experiment with decorating the pillows.

I started with the following items that I already had lying around the house:
* Two Types of Ribbon
* Pillow
* White Pillow Cover
* Sewing Kit

I googled "how to make a flower out of ribbon" to watch demo videos and get started.

I started folding the ribbon using various methods I came across in my google search.

I sewed the ribbon in several places throughout the middle to secure the flower creation.

I also added lighter color ribbon as little leaves since my mom insisted the pillow needed something else to make it pop.

Here is the pillow featured in my guest bedroom/office:

My second attempt at frugal entertainment: a success!


Craft Day - Project 1

During my weekend attempt to be frugal, I sought out activities that were free.
What did I come up with?
Craft day using items around my house.

First Project: use my Cricut machine to explore vinyl projects.

I have owned a Cricut for several years now but just now realized that they sell vinyl for the machine. I already have several store-bought vinyl wall quotes featured around my home. I thought... I can make these now!

Store-bought quote in my bedroom:

Store-bought quote in my entry way:

Store-bought quote in my master bathroom:

Quote I cut myself on my Cricut:
This quote is above my patio door.

Notice the typical white blinds (which I despise). Please let me know if you have any cost effective solutions for window treatments of this size. I am so ready to move on from these.

Currently, I only own the "George" font that came with my machine, but am looking forward to purchasing more so I can expand on my vinyl projects!

Nate Berkus Inspiration

Watching the Nate Berkus show inspired me to revamp store bought furniture.

My first project:

Per Nate's instructions, I bought a can of gold spray paint and a paint pen. Then went to town on this Wal-Mart bought piece of furniture. Here is the step by step demo to how I added a little pizazz to my TV stand.


I started by spray painting the hardware gold. I couldn't believe how much fun and easy spray painting was!

Then I used painting tape to block off areas where I wanted to add gold trim. I filled in the areas with a gold paint pen.

Eight dollars later, here is THE FINAL PRODUCT:

Okay, not a huge difference... but it was fun! Plus, this opened me up to exploring other projects.


Like I mentioned above, spray painting was fun and easy so I started looking around my house for other things turn metallic gold. I thought this glass container displayed in my kitchen would look dazzling in gold so I started by spraying the cork piece.

I loved it so much that I decided to spray the entire bottle.

Don't you love all things shiny and metallic?

Happy Spray Painting! :)

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