Cricut Party!

Some of my friends asked if they could come over for a Cricut party.
Here are some of the fun personalized products we created using the Cricut and vinyl:

Both of the above products are ones I made for myself. I constantly use reusable shopping bags - so this new purple and gold one will be perfect for my collection.  I also personalized these insulated drink container to use at work. It will also be perfect for pool-side refreshments once this rain stops.

I'm not sure if you can see the letters on each of these Chinese take out boxes, but the set says "Girls Night Out." My friend Lindsey personalized these favor boxes for her friend's bachelorette party.  Very cute idea!

What are your favorite items to vinyl? 
(I know several of you own a Cricut.)

Wordless Wednesday


Quick, Easy Chocolate Covered Pretzels & Strawberries

This weekend I hosted Easter for the first time. At first, I was distraught because I am by no means a cook, nor do I have any desire to be.  As you know, everyone expects a nice meal on Easter.  Luckily, my mom stepped in to help by preparing a ham. I also had help from other generous family members who volunteered to bring side dishes. They know that I am a Martha Stewart when it comes to detail, event planing, and crafts, but lack Martha's ability to create delicious dishes.

I thought long and hard about what I contribute to the Easter celebration beside the use of my home. 

Here is what I came up with:

Okay, so the last photo isn't super clear... definitely does not do the treats justice. I do promise that they were delicious though.   Plus, they were so easy to make. I purchase baking chocolate in a block. I melted the chocolate in the microwave (so easy) and coated the pretzels and strawberries to my heart's desire. Lastly, I topped them with sprinkles - pastel colored stars for the pretzels and chocolate sprinkles for the strawberries.

Both treats were a big hit with the family, especially my little cousins!

I couldn't help sharing this photo of my cousins. 

It has rained for weeks in Kentucky which means my lawn is a muddy mess, but we couldn't forgo the Easter egg hunt.  Quick fix - put plastic bags over their shoes for instant galoshes. My seven-year old cousin even asked if she could have matching bags... Oh, that makes my heart smile.  She is truly a Simply Sarah Style girl. Notice they are also utilizing the very glamorous plastic shopping bags instead of baskets. Lucky for them, their baskets were too small to hold all the eggs the Easter bunny hid for their hunt.

What dish did you prepare for Easter this year?
Bonus points for sharing the recipe in the post!

Happy Spring!

I loved all these pink and neutral pieces. Perfect pastels for the spring season!

Trench coat
$155 -

H m boot

Juicy Couture pink handbag
$298 -

Forever21 rhinestone ring
$5.80 -

TopShop oversized hat
$56 -

Printed scarve
7.99 GBP -

Pink Chocolate Striped Letter
$18 -


Straighten your skirt and head for the fun!

I recently received a delivery from a sweet friend from college, Mary Ellen Harden, who designs her own stationary line, Mellen Designs. I have raved over her cards and invitations since she first launched her website and blog after graduating college. You may remember my post on her map of Lexington and University of Kentucky-themed wedding invitations.

Mellen Designs in now offering magnet greeting cards!
Each 5"x5" card includes a 3"x3" magnet for your fridge.  Mary Ellen creates every Mellen design herself. I cannot say enough about the uniqueness of her art work. It is so girly and so Simply Sarah Style.

Click here to see the full collection of magnet cards.
Have fun browsing and shopping. 

the "Straighten your skirt and head for the fun!" 
Mellen magnet card

Happy Friday, my friends!

Totally Out of Season

Totally out of season... but I am still ecstatic!

I came across these beauties in the clearance section of TJ Maxx.  Jessica Simpson booties for next fall... yes, please! Twenty-nine dollars later, these came home with me. 

I'm such the "Maxxinista."

PS - My last Wordless Wednesday post was too cute not to post a commentary. I came across the peeps bunny in the hot drink and thought it was the cutest way to kick off Easter weekend. A hot drink like that would be perfect for this crummy weather we have been experiencing in Kentucky.

Wordless Wednesday

photo via gourmet sleuth

What Not to Do

What not to do when hanging plates on the wall...

I was inspired to hang plates in my dining room after seeing beautiful collage walls on many blogs.

Exhibit A:
the pretty girl painting & wooden wagon
My beautiful party girl painting did not seem to fit with my living room and kitchen decor. I purchased this painting when I first became a homeowner and no idea what my living spaces were going to turn into.  Needless to say, pretty girl had to go to the closet where she will retire until a new, more appropriate space presents itself. I also purchased the little wooden wagon at TJ Maxx last season.  This did not seem to work in this space either. The wagon has now relocated to the patio.

Exhibit B:
cheap plates
I found these plates in the clearance section of TJ Maxx for $2 each. I thought that was a decent investment for a plate wall that was going to look fabulous.

Exhibit C
the process
To begin, I traced the shape of each plate onto tissue paper so I have mock shapes to tape to the wall. This allowed me to get a visual of what the plates will look like before putting holes in my wall.

I also tried arranging the plates in several different patters on my floor to see what pattern will look the best.


I recently read on a blog that you could hot glue paperclips to the back of plates for FREE plate hangers. I decided FREE was definitely the way to go so I used this method. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of this process.

Once I settled on a pattern and adhered paperclips to the back of the plates, I taped the tissue paper shapes to the wall before I start nailing.

Exhibit D:
 the plate wall 
Here is a picture of the plates actually nailed to the wall.  Instead of using a center piece, I decided to go with teacups. 
Looking at the wall now, I'm not really excited about the strong symmetry.  It may be too uniform for my taste.

Exhibit E:
project fail
 I went out of town last weekend and came home to find all of the plates on the floor.  Some even broke.  I guess the FREE plate hanger method of hot gluing paperclips to the back of the plates does not work
Lesson learned: invest in plate hangers.

On another note, I'm looking for ideas on what to fill my basket with for the spring. My basket is currently filled with pine cones. 
Any affordable ideas are welcomed!
Please comment below.

Thanks for stopping by today!


Congrats Kelly K., Just Jewelry Winner!

Congratulations to Kelly K. who won Simply Sarah Style's first giveaway!  
Kelly has won the Just Jewelry piece of her choice.

 the Just Jewelry Key Lime Pie Necklace

Thank you to everyone who entered the Just Jewelry By Christy giveaway!

Also, special thanks to Christy Studer Hannegan for sponsoring this contest.

Happy Sunday!


Party Planning: Farmhouse Style

Pottery Barn is my addiction. I heart the brand, the style, and their stylist big time! I recently saw a YouTube video where a mom said Pottery Barn catalogs are her porn... she is addicted to them because they always lift her spirits. She anxiously anticipates the arrival of the catalog in the mail each month. I get her - I am the same way!

As spring approaches, I thought this tutorial video on a farmhouse brunch would be perfect to get you in the mood. I love how the designer used craft paper to layer the table and fresh produce as decor (note the leaves wrapped around the silverware - stunning!). Well I hope this video inspires you to visit your local farmers market and plan a family/friends gathering soon.

Enjoy, my friends!


Simple & Rustic

I love these room ideas from Country Living, one of my favorite magazines.
They somewhat cross over to the Pottery Barn design that I so admire.

Enjoy the inspiration!

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