Hi there. I’m Sarah of Simply Sarah Style, a lifestyle blog for those who like to be fashion forward, design dwellings and plan pretty parties.

You’ll find me to be a positive, upbeat person who feels compelled to celebrate the good things in life – big moments and small. It’s all about creating a special event that stands apart. Why host “meh” when you can host memorable?

I’m a Kentucky girl, hailing from a horse farm family, so I’m all about the Southern chic – with a hint of prep.

Beautiful accessories, stunning interiors and smart-looking outfits are all in my wheelhouse.

My background is in public relations, the ultimate career for an outgoing event planner. (Although, I’m a reformed interior designer.) During my day job, I help clients develop strong brands and celebrate their milestones along the way.

I’m married to my college crush and have the sweetest little boy.

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