The Art of Gift Wrapping

Today was my sister's birthday, and oh, what joy does it bring me to buy and wrap presents. Seriously, I think I could be one of those professional wrappers at Christmas time. I would love every minute of it. I would also love getting paid to shop for other people. Now wouldn't that be a great job? For this package, I used pieces from my wrapping stockpile housed in the guest bedroom closet:

  • neutral wrapping paper from TJ Maxx
  • paper dollies from the dollar store
  • baker's twine purchased half off from GroupDealz
  • an "n" from Michael's
I love having these things on hand. Seriously, neutral wrapping paper can go a long way. I typically have a roll of kraft packaging paper in my closet. You can dress it up or down depending on the occasion. It can also be suitable for a male or female. Unisex wrapping paper is actually pretty hard to find, so that is why I always have kraft paper on hand. 

Do you have any great go-to wrapping supplies I should know about? 

To wrap up, I wanted to send special birthday wishes to my sister, Nikki! 


  1. you ladies look gorgeous. ps. You are a far better gift wrapper than I am. Christmas time, my wrapping could be a bit better. Seeing this makes me want to do a better job.. :) Xo-Jewel

  2. I have no gift wrapping skills. I am hand-stupid.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88


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