August Birchbox Update

July was the first month of my Birchbox subscription. After using these products for a month, I would say my favorites products were:

As a typical pink and red toenail polish girl, I found myself pleasantly surprised by how much I liked this teal hue. I would look down at my toes and think, "Who is this girl?" The color was so unexpected. I often receive compliments from family and friends, and sometimes even strangers, about the polish color.

I also really enjoyed the 10-in-1 beauty balm. They advertise this as a product that will give a sheer, photoshop look and they are right. I was very pleased with the finish. I would like to buy the full size version of this product.

Lastly, I enjoyed the 2-in-1 lip and cheek stain. Although, I do only use it on my lips. I tried on my cheeks with little success.

It's the Birchbox time of the month again! This month the products and packaging centered around a "back to school" theme.

I received five products in this package and am currently putting them all to use, testing them out.

Do subscribe to Birchbox? If so, does your box look the same? Two of my friends have signed up for Birchbox and received completely different products this month.

Interested in joining Birchbox, click here for information on the $10 monthly membership.

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  1. I loved the teal nail polish on you ;) Great seeing you Saturday! Glad you could finally see our place (and loved your decorating ideas!)


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