Preserving Your Wedding Day

Framing your wedding dress... Would you do it? I love this idea debated on Casa Sugar. What a gorgeous way to preserve your wedding day memories. I'm thinking it would look fabulous in a large (I'm talking really large) walk-in closet. 

I also love the idea of a "trash the dress" photo shoot. The one involving a horse looks so dreamy and right up my alley! I am so into doing this for my wedding, even though my dress was a pretty penny.

via Aaron Watson Photography
via Jaime Warren Photography
via Aurel Virlay Photography
What do you think? Would you do it? 

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  1. Well, I'm not sure how relevant my opinion is as we'll be celebrating our 24th anniversary next month....but I _love_ the trash the dress idea!!! I preserved mine after my wedding and then my little sister wore it for her wedding, with some alterations. Then we preserved it again. I highly doubt my daughter will wear it unless she completely changes it!! As for framing it, I'm not sure I'd want to be looking at it anymore...but if I did have a huge walk-in I might. But, since I don't and probably never will at this point, doing that wouldn't be an option. I think trashing it is _such_ a fun idea!! Doing something totally unexpected and crazy in a wedding dress is just so fantastic!!! I love the horse idea, too!!! So, yea, do that or something like that!!! :)


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