Always * Sometimes * Never

always pin a million things to my Pinterest wish list board.
sometimes actually go to the original website to see how much the item costs.
never end up buying anything. For the most part, I like to see things in person (particularly clothing and shoes).

I always think about starting an Etsy shop. I would love to create and sell personalized stationary.
I sometimes wonder how much work it will be and if it will be worth the investment.
I never actually follow through, but would like to in the future.

I always love fall.
I sometimes am saddened by the fact that it goes by so quickly.
I never let a fall go by without hitting several festivals. With exception to Halloween, they're my favorite part of the season!

I always look for a bargain.
I sometimes splurge on key wardrobe items (mostly handbags).
I never pay full price for anything. Well, unless I'm buying from Etsy.

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  1. Fall is my absolute favorite!! It does go by far too quickly, but it's still #1 in my book :-) Love the blog!

    The Darling Redhead

  2. I heart Fall. Cant stand super hot weather summer brings.. I splurge on shoes but I need to start splurging on Purses too. They add a certain something to an outfit.. Ps. Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog! Xo-Jewel


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