Using Drop Cloths to Create Drama

I saw this curtain design tip on Honey and Fitz and it dawned on me... I must do this! I had been planning a curtain makeover for awhile, and with this inspiration, I set out to revamp my living room and dining room window treatments. 

Living Room Before
I'm almost embarrassed to show this picture. Ugh. I cringe on my curtain placement. I first purchased these curtains three years ago when I moved in and didn't really have a clear sense of what I wanted.

Living Room After 
For my curtain makeover, I purchased a 12 x 15 ft. drop cloth from Home Depot. I used a seam ripper to separate the panels and then had my mom sew a cuff on the bottom (to weigh the panels down) as well as the side seams. I also purchased curtain ring clips from ebay for $5 a set. I used the same rods from before.

Dining Room Before
As you may remember, my dining room looked like this. (Sorry I don't have a full picture of the curtains. This was the best I could find.)

Dining Room After
My living room and dining area are essentially one big space, so I wanted to use the same window treatments here.

I love the drama that the big drop cloth curtains provide. I feel this is a big improvement from my striped Better Home & Gardens curtain sets. Plus, they were even cheaper.

Have you used drop cloths for other projects? They seem so versatile.

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  1. Love this idea! So going to hang my drapes that way in my living and dining rooms!

  2. Perfect timing! I'm in the market for some curtains. Thanks for sharing your idea!

  3. I really like the curtains!

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