The Valentine's Day Exchange

In addition to The Pink Swap, I also participated in an Valentine's Exchange hosted by O. is Me

I came across this while reading my friend Ashley's blog, According to Ashley.  You may remember Ashley from the featured I did on her son Henry's adorable baby pictures.  (Also, I thought I would let you know that Ashley is currently hosting a necklace and nail polish giveaway so head over to her blog for a chance to win.)

         According to Ashley

As part of the Valentine's Exchange, you were assigned a partner and a $10 limit.  I was partnered with Leisha from We Are The Shepperds. Leisha lives in Texas and has a wonderful Etsy shop filled with personalized plaques and vinyl transfers. 

we are the shepperds

When Leisha's packaged arrived, I was so tickled to find a beautiful handmade card inside.  As you know, I am such a sucker for pretty stationary! 

The presents were wrapped beautifully.

To my surprise, one gift was a box of Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies.  Who knew they were already available?  I was ecstatic! I actually interned at Girl Scout Council in college and loved the continuous access to the cookies.  In addition, Leisha included a pair of pink and red socks and a red velvet cupcake candle, both perfect for Valentine's Day.

A very special thanks to Leisha from We Are The Shepperds.  Your Valentine's Day gift was perfect!

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