The Pink Swap

In January, I signed up to participate in Monograms and Manicures's Fourth Annual Pink Swap.  By signing up, you are assigned a partner and the task of selecting four pink items under $30 to exchange. My partner turned out to be Sara from Social Sara.

Sara actually reached out me after seeing my comment on the Monograms and Manicures participation post. This took place even before swap partners were assigned. After we exchanged a couple messages, swap partners were announced and ironically Sara and I were partnered together... I think it is fate.  Sara has been so sweet and helpful in my quest to purchase a Mac.

Turns out, we have a ton in common: 

She works in PR. I work in PR.  
She used to ride and show horses. I grew up with horses.  
She owns a Mac. I am dying for a Mac.  
She is from Savannah, GA. I visited there this summer and decided I would love to live there.  
She loves stationary. I am obsessed with pretty papers of all types. 

To say the least, this swap experience has been wonderful! I am so thankful Sara and I were able to connect. 

Fast forward a couple weeks later. I picked out four items and wrapped them in pink paper to send to Sara.

A package including several beautifully wrapped gifts from Sara arrived shortly after. 

The packaged included a personalized wine glass, printable stationary (how cool!), lotion, nail polish, hand sanitizer, tissues, a nail filer and a sweet note from Sara.

Great pink products to stash in my purse and vanity! 

A gorgeous wine glass from Swoozies. 

Stationary made to put put through your printer for personalization.... LOVE!

A very special thanks to Sara from Social Sara for the generous pink package and Monograms and Manicures for hosting the exchange!  

The Pink Swap was a success and I look forward to participating in more exchanges like this.


  1. That is the most fun swap ever! Cute stuff!

  2. Super cute! I want to do an exchange!

    1. Mandy, I will let you know when I come across future exchanges. They are so fun!

  3. Sarah, you are so sweet! Thank you for such a nice post. I had a ball with this and I look forward to keeping in touch! :)

  4. How cute was everything wrapped! What fun goodies you received! xo

  5. What a fun idea! I had no idea about this! Such fun gifts you received! Thanks for sharing Sarah!

    1. Sita, I will let you know next time I come across one. It was great fun!


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