Top Colors for Spring

Is it sad that I am already thinking of spring when we have barely had a winter?  We have usually seen several snow storms by this time of the year.  This season, we have only had a dusting of snow and one slight ice storm.  That is very unlike Kentucky.

I welcome these mild winter temperatures, but at the same time will be a bit worried about the environment if we don't get at least one big snow.

In the meantime, I will savor the thought of these fabulous colors brought to you by Pantone, the international color expert for designers.

Click here to read about the message each color sends.

What is your favorite? I love the Solar Power, Bellflower, Sodalite Blue (for Kentucky, of course!), Cockatoo and Starfish.

I can't help but think how nicely several of these would fit into a wedding color scheme. ;)

Also, speaking of spring... I am loving this spring trench coat from LOFT.

Striped Trench Coat, $148
30% off with the code: PRESIDENT
Happy warm weather!

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