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I came across these beauties via my weekly Shop It To Me email.  I couldn't help but think it looked very similar to ones I recently saw at Target.

Bracelets from Free People

Mandy Stone Cuff by Free People
Regularly $288 * On sale for $99.95
Ebony Stone Cuff by Free People
Regularly $398 * On sale for $129.95

Bracelets from Target

Gold Cuff Bracelet with Wired Agate
Turquoise Agate Gold Metal Cuff Bracelet
Grey Agate Gold Metal Cuff Bracelet

I love finding great deals! I would say the Target versions are just as cute! Plus, they fit nicely in my budget.


  1. So cute! I seriously can't go to target without dropping $100 every time!

  2. I tried these on at target. They are super cute, but I couldn't get one my wrists are too small, so it just doesnt fit right : (

    1. Bummer - I have small wrists too. I will have to try them on next time I am there.

  3. Love these! I might just have to swing by target on my way home. Thanks for sharing, Sarah! :)
    Happy Wednesday,

  4. The Target ones look so chic! I'm definitely going to have to check these out!



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