A Simply Sarah Engagement

One big surprise all started this past Monday..

On Monday, I had made plans to throw a small birthday dinner for my boyfriend Ben and invited family over to celebrate. To my surprise, the joke was on me because a birthday dinner for him turned out to be one great surprise for me!  

Ben took the day off of work for his birthday and I had met him for lunch.  I had given him my house key to go over early to start the lasagna for his birthday dinner.  I decorated my house with many birthday decorations and set the table with care.  I actually was a bit disappointed when I never received a text telling me how surprised he was by the nice decorations... I guess he was a bit preoccupied. 

After work, I made my home to find Ben standing outside the door when I arrived.  He opened the door to reveal a house full of rose petals and candles and then he PROPOSED! 

What a wonderful surprise! 

When our families arrived shortly after, I had found out that pretty much everyone (but me) knew about Ben's plan.  

Later, Ben shared this video that he recorded on his phone just before I came home.  I loved it and it brought me to tears.  He graciously allowed me to share this on Simply Sarah Style. 

Ben and I are actually from the same county and went to rival high schools.  We never met until our senior year at the University of Kentucky.  There we had a three hour night class together once a week.  Because it was a three hour class, my strategy had  been to sit next to the cutest boy in class to make the time go by.  I was shocked on the first day to find out the cutest boy in class, who I intentionally sat next to, was from my hometown area... The rest is history!

Here are a couple pictures of Ben and I through the years. 

Senior Year at UK when we first met
Ben supporting me at a cheer competition

A trip to the Smokey Mountains / "Make your own Indian headdress" at Thanksgiving 

Our trip to Hilton Head last summer

I cannot describe how excited I am to marry my best friend. After eight experiences as a bridesmaid, I am looking forward to my big day!


  1. So excited for you!! How cute!!

  2. I love these photos, Sarah. You two are just so adorable together!

  3. Congratulations Sarah! What an exciting time for you and Ben! You two are darling together! So happy for you both!

  4. Congratulations!!! What a sweet engagement story!!

  5. How exciting!!! So happy for you! Get a great photographer for you wedding that is my one piece of advice. I have two weddings that I am photographing and it's been so much fun doing my best to give them pictures they will love for years to come. I wasn't super thrilled with my wedding pictures but a lot of that is my fault, I didn't communicate very well and neihter did he. Congrats again!

    1. Thanks, DeAnn! A good photographer is definitely on the top of my list.

  6. Ahhh!!! Oh my gosh how cute! Congratulations!!!! xo

  7. A special thanks for all the sweet comments! They are truly appreciated.

  8. Congratulations!!! Wedding planning is fun and marriage is the best!! :)


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