Too Cute Tutu Tutorial

Jenna Kemper Photography
Welcome Miss Brooklyn!

As you might remember, my friends and I hosted a circus-themed baby shower for Baby Brooklyn back in September. As part of her gift, I made her a punk rock princess-inspired tutu with a matching headband. I have purchased several tutus from for past presents, so this time I thought I would try my hand at one.  To my surprise, this project was a piece of cake.

To start, you will need the following supplies...

  • Tulle (I purchased spools of tulle, but you could buy it by the yard and cut it into strips.)
  • Wide Satin Ribbon (For waistband - You can also use sew together an elastic waistband.)
  • Fabric Scissors 

As this diagram (compliments of Our Little Pea Pod) shows, you simply knot the tulle strip around the ribbon or elastic waistband.  I used my best judgement when deciding how many tulle strips should be included and also on the length of the tutu.

If using ribbon for the waistband, be sure to leave enough on each end of tulle to tie a big bow.  Remember, bows are pretty.  The bigger, the better in Simply Sarah Style world. 

I created the headband using supplies from Hobby Lobby. They have a great baby section featuring the pieces you will need to make headbands or hairbows.

Lastly, I had to share more adorable pictures of Miss Brooklyn.  The pink and white headband was also part of my gift, but this one came with a cute jeans and t-shirt outfit (not pictured).  This pink and white headband was made by a local shop, Spiritville USA.

Click here for more fabulous DIY tutu outfits. Great Christmas gift... I think so! 

*Photographs by Jenna Kemper Photography

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