Christmas Home Tour

Welcome to my home - Home Sweet Condo!

Here is a quick tour of my holiday decor. 

The Foyer 

This table is one of my favorite pieces.  I scored it at the Pottery Barn Outlet for a great price.
The glass lid opens for display of your favorite items. 

My Tree

My tree is very woodsy with pine cones, acorns, birds and reindeer. 

My Living Room

This fall, I was fortune to receive this mantle from my architect friend who bought and restored a historical home in town.
This came out of his house and I was ecstatic to receive it.
I have longed for a mantle for quite awhile. 

I am still looking for an interesting way to fill the fireplace opening.
Maybe a fake fireplace, suitcase or even a painting of a fire (suggestion from a friend).
I'm still deciding, but would LOVE to hear your thoughts and suggestions. 

I had to incorporate some Christmas spirit on my end table.
I featured painted pine cones in a cheese dome.
PS-That beautiful lady in the frame is my mother... a gorgeous photo!
My Table

Pinterest inspired me to balance ornaments on the upside down glasses .  See the inspiration concept here.
PS-Ignore that little spot on the table runner.  Ugh.  Didn't notice that and I'm too lazy to take and upload another pic. 

Happy holidays, my friends!

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