A Very Merry Christmas Party

I hosted a little holiday lunch party for the girls.   

For lunch, I kept it simple with soup (lobster bisque and white chicken chili) and delicious bread from Whole Foods.  Every guest brought an appetizer or desert so it worked out perfectly!

To watch spending, I used supplies I already had in the pantry - paper plates, napkins, utensils and small brown paper bags. I stamped each guest's name on their cutlery packet using my $1 alphabet stamp collection from Michael's. (I LOVE this little stamp set. I use it all the time. Love stamps too?  Another project where I used these small stamps can be found here.)

 I created reindeer out of root beer bottles using pipelines, googely eyes and pom poms.  This was a wonderful Pinterest find.

Lastly, we did a small gift exchange. Here you see beautiful Katie posing with my package that she received in the exchange.  Of course, I was inspired to utilize kraft paper and doilies from a photo on Pinterest.  Pretty much all my gifts are wrapped this way this year.

This party was featured on delicatelyConstruction's "delicately constructed fridaysfeature.


  1. I love these, got all the stuff the make reinbeers today !

  2. Tammy, I am so happy to hear you liked the reindeer. I'm sure the recipients will love them too!


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