Holiday Recap & Free Monogram Printable

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and enjoyed the time off work.  

I feel like the time flew by with so many holiday celebrations each day.  

Here is a picture of the lovely boyfriend and I. You may  remember Ben from his "Simply Benjamin Style" post earlier this holiday season. 

I also had to share this adorable picture of my godchild, Josie.  

In October, I took Josie shopping for her birthday present. While at Target, we came across this pair of Hello Kitty earmuffs. I told her that we were already purchasing many things for her birthday, but I would keep it in mind for Christmas.  

Well I am so glad I later purchased it!  On Christmas Eve, Josie approached me before we exchanged presents and asked if I remembered the time when we saw the Hello Kitty earmuffs.  She must really love them!  

This girl knows the value of accessories. 

During the break, I also had some time to catch up on my blog reading and pinning

I found a wonderful link from while browsing the blog, My Sweet Savannah. allows you to create your own monogram using any color combination.  I have already printed my own monogram and framed it for my kitchen.  This would be a wonderful graphic to incorporate  into wedding programs, invitations, napkins, signage, etc. 

Free monogram design service from 

The site also provides FREE stationary and favor templates. You better believed I pinned numerous ideas from this site to my "Wedding and Event Inspiration" board

Hope you had a wonderful holiday break as well! 


  1. Super cute picture Sarah! Your Goddaughter is adorable. Thanks for the hookup on the monogram design....LOVE!

  2. Thank you, Sita! I am glad you liked the monogram too.

    Happy New Year!


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