You Must Go Glamping!

You must go glamping (glamour camping)! I grew up camping with horses, but it was nothing like glamping. I found Diana's blog, Anyone Can Decorate, a couple weeks ago via her glamping post. Immediately, I was in awe. If I was to go camping today, this is what I would want it to look like. Talk about luxury! Diana did an amazing job putting together a glamorous setup in the middle of a regular campsite. She was so sweet in allowing me to share her campsite with you.

The Site

The Result

Who wants to go camping with Diana? Yes, me too! How talented is she? I mean, this is incredible. I sent her post to my mom to let her know this is what I would like to create next time I go camping with the family. She said, "Good luck getting all that in your car." Oh well. I still think it is a fabulous concept. I applaud Diana for her setup. It is stunning!

If you're into interior design and crafting like I am, you will adore Diana's blog, Anyone Can Decorate. A special thanks to Diana for allowing me to share this wonderful glamping setup with you.

Cheers to the upcoming camping weather! 


  1. That is SO my style of camping! I'll bet she had a gourmet menu planned as well.! Fun post, Sarah!

  2. Well I could go camping like this!!


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