Shoes That Make Me Smile

As I get older, I realize my feet aren't what they used to be. It only takes a couple hours (or hour) of non-stop walking and my arches are killing me. My mom attributes my aching feet to my "poorly designed for comfort," but "beautiful to look at" collection of shoes. I have a gazillion pairs of shoes, but none of them are actually made for comfort. Well, unless you count my beloved Uggs and flip flops, which my mom will dispute aren't made for healthy feet. 

I am proud to announce that I actually took my mother's advice and purchased better footwear. Look what I found...

Fashion and function, all in one. How wonderful! You can find these at the Clarks store for $59.99 (originally $109.99). While this is more than I would normally spend on sandals, they have made a big difference. Words cannot describe how comfortable they are and how much I enjoy them. They even have velcro straps instead of buckles. Talk about convenient!

While I was at the Clarks store, I also discovered this pair of flat riding boots...

Again, gorgeous and comfortable. Coming in at $214.99, the Charlie Zip boots will definitely be a splurge for me. They are available in tan, black and grey. I am thinking the tan and black are must-haves. Flat riding boots are my go-to for the fall and winter. Plus, I am due to purchase some replacements.

While we're talking boots, here is some great outfit inspiration for incorporating this style of boot into your wardrobe.

via Love, Ramsey
via Bex. A diary of life, love and everyday style.
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I need to start rebuilding my shoe collection to include comfortable, but fashionable footwear. What's your go-to comfortable shoe?


  1. I'm a sucker for a cute pair of boots.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  2. I so want those boots in gray!! My next boot purchase is going to be Hunters though!! Dying for a pair!

  3. I love those Clarks! I have a similar pair in black! : )


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