Monogrammed Attire... For me, it's a yes!

My style and preference is so preppy, southern, chic. I've seen monogrammed shirts, shorts and hats on blogs, Pinterest and Etsy a lot lately. I am thinking that I must have them, but then I second guess myself. Can one have too many monogrammed items? I'm trying to decide what is too much. Here's what I am loving though...

1/4 Zip Monogrammed Sweater by Sarah Belles and Beaus

Monogrammed Pocket Tee by The Southern Monogram

Monogrammed Pocket Tee by Meaux's Monogram

Monogrammed Baseball Cap by Just For Me Sewing on Etsy

Custom Monogrammed Nike Shorts by MonkeyLu Monograms
Of course, I wouldn't wear all the monogrammed pieces together. I would rock the monogram sparingly. So what do you think? Can you have too many monogrammed items?

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