Styling the Southern Belle

I fell in love with these shirts after seeing them on Bluegrass Bred. I LOVE all things southern chic. Although, I just saw a map of the southern region on Pinterest to find Kentucky was not included. Hmmm... Well, I still feel southern. I live in the bluegrass, home of fast horses and wild women. We still enjoy all those southern values. Plus, UK is in the SEC. I say, we fit the bill.

Anyway, how cute are the following shirts? I want them all!

Boots & Class * Available at Southernly Stated

Grace & Gossip * Available at Southernly Stated

We Sweat Glitter * Available at Southernly Stated

Southern Sass * Available at Kiss My Southern Sass

Raisin' Hell * Available at Kiss My Southern Sass

Merica * Available at Kiss My Southern Sass

Anyone love these shirts as much as I do?

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  1. I'm southern girl at hart! I love all these shirts. You have a great blog and I'm excited to follow along.
    Rose @


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