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On Thursday, I had a wonderful birthday celebration with my friends and family. It started off with 28 birthday cupcakes made by my cousin, Betsy. (Betsy works at the agency with me.) My birthday was conjoined with an "America" celebration, since we are sending five of our team members to London to work the Olympics for a client. We all sported red, white and blue and enjoyed America's best foods, like apple pie.

My coworker, Kelli, gave me the biggest card I have ever received. It was a nice hologram of Justin Beiber. It was fun and unusual, and I loved it. 

Another coworker, Carrie, was so sweet and gave me a pack of Sharpie pens. She knows me well. There is nothing like an ultra fine point, colorful Sharpie for taking notes. She also personalized the card with "Simply Sarah Style."

I continued my celebration after work with family and friends at Dewey's Pizza. I ate so much pizza that night, but it was definitely work the splurge. Their pizza is hands-down THE BEST.

To wrap things up, we had a cake made by my Aunt Connie. You can see that she featured an engagement theme this year. The best thing about this cake - There is money in it!  Yes, you heard me right. There is money (wrapped in wax paper) in every single piece. Money cakes are a tradition on my dad's side of the family. As you can imagine, all my friends LOVED coming to my parties as kids, because they knew they would leave with money. I am looking forward to partaking in the money cake tradition with my future children.

Overall, I had a wonderful birthday with family, friends and great food. I hope you had a great week too!

Happy Sunday!


  1. Happy birthday! The Bieber card is awesome LOL :-)

  2. I've never heard of a money cake. What a great tradition...so fun!


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