Must Love Monograms

I love all things southern chic. One of my most favorite aspects of southern style is everything monogram. As my wedding planning continues, it is starting to sink in that my initials are going to change. Looks like it is time to buy some new monogrammed things! Here are the gorgeous items on my wish list.


  1. Hey Sarah,
    I love all things monogrammed! I have really enjoyed my monogrameed necklace. Next on my list are those earrings. I have been crushing on them for quite sometime. The bracelet is beautiful too! Great post!

  2. Love the monogram necklace! I must have that!

  3. We adore all these fun pieces! So enjoy all your posts, Sarah. You will be missed Friday evening at Huff Harrington Home, but we hope to meet you next time you're in Atlanta! Ann & Meg

  4. Great idea Sarah! Such a cute way of celebrating our new initials! I am still getting used to my new signature and writing it a bit wonky half the time!


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