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I am in love and entertained with this "print-your-own" note card set I received from Sara, author of Social Sara. This was part of my Pink Swap gift that I received by participating in Monograms and Manicures' blogger exchange back in February. It was not until this summer that I opened the note card set by Gartner Studios to find out just how awesome they really are. 

My set consisted of pink and green note cards with floral print lined envelopes. On the packaging, were the words, "PRINT ON ME," so I went to the Gartner Studios website and found the correct template.  Turns out the template is set up in Microsoft Word, so it was easy to manipulate and change.  I initially printed my monogram, but then switched it up with some other sayings ("Hello" and "Happy Day").

I had a blast with this. The design possibilities were endless! I printed a few to have on hand, but wanted to save some for special occassions.

These cards would make a great gift. Just pick up a brand new pack (Sara found them at Target) and personalize them for the recipient. Bundle them with ribbon and you have an affordable, unique note set!

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