A S'mores Craving

With the weather quickly turning to warmer temperatures, I have been craving a good old fashion campfire party with s'mores.  As a child, my family always went camping with our horses and the campout was never complete without yummy s'mores. The latest issue of Midwest Living Magazine featured unique s'more combinations that would make anyone crave this type of yummy goodness. 

The writer suggested adding peppermint patties, thin slices of fruit, chocolate-hazelnut spread, peanut butter cups or chocolate chips to create a unique savory snack.

To go all out, try arranging your s'more ingredients in a buffet bar. Check out these lovely spreads...

via Nine and Sixteen

via Eat Drink Pretty
Cheers to the upcoming holiday weekend!
(I'm already  counting down as Ben and I have a camping trip planned! 
You better believe I'll be packing my own s'more ingredients.) 

Great campfire decor by A Beautiful Mess

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