The Online Shopping Game

Do you find that internet shopping kind of fills a hole when you are craving new things?  There are often times when I put items in my cyber shopping cart, but never end up purchasing.  I can shop (online) for hours and not spend a dollar. Online browsing fulfills the desire, but on the flip side, you don't actually end up with the products.

Here are the items I've been eyeing lately...

These would be adorable with skirts, dresses and shorts! 
They also come in black and tan.

Although I do not run, I think these would still be great for Zumba class.
They come is six different colors, but I love the tropical twist and silver combination.

Available in nine colors.
I like the pop of turquoise the best!

On the flip side, here are some online purchases I have actually made recently...

in yellow 

in aqua 

in yellow and teal

 Love the Groopdealz website!  Their daily deals email offers entice me every day.

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