Amy from "Five Kinds of Happy" provides wedding inspiration

Let me first start by saying this post is a showcase of one of the many reason why I love blogging. Through blogging, I am able to connect with wonderful people around the world. This is an awesome story of how I connected with a blogger from New Zealand to gather ideas for my wedding that will take in April of 2013.

I have been following Amy's blog, Five Kinds of Happy, for a couple months and love the inspiration she shares on interior design, food, fashion, DIY and pretty little things.  Recently, she began sharing "Design-a-Wedding" posts where she puts together inspiration ideas for weddings using color palettes and themes she likes. She explained that, although, she was married two months ago, she still enjoys designing weddings. Amy mentioned that for her own wedding she had a difficult time making decisions because she liked so many concepts. 

I totally could relate to this! With Pinterest and wedding blogs, I have way too many ideas in mind for my wedding.  Because I enjoy writing this blog, have a Pinterest addiction and like to play party planner, people assume I already have my wedding planned out, which is far from the truth.

I left a comment on Amy's blog post, which led to discussion via email. Amy then asked if I would want to be the inspiration for next "Design-a-Wedding" post. I was ecstatic to get feedback on my ideas and also to have another person with an eye for design to weigh in. 


I sent Amy three different color palettes I had in mind as well as the patterns I am considering.

Possible Color Palettes
  • Navy, yellow and white with hits of bold pink
  • Navy, orange and white
  • Yellow, black and grey 
Possible Prints
  • Stripes
  • Chevron
I also sent her pictures of the reception venue, the bridesmaid dress I would like to use and links to my Pinterest boards. She choose the navy and yellow color scheme and did a wonderful job putting together inspiration for all aspects of my big day including flowers, the cake, table settings, wedding attire and invitations. 

I was over the top excited when Amy published the post on my wedding!  I loved each and every one of her ideas.  She did a great job incorporating what I had in mind while also suggesting new approaches. Here is a sneak peak of the post she did on my wedding inspiration. Click here head over to Five Kinds of Happy to check out the full post.

A sincere thanks goes out to Amy for taking the time to put this together! I think it is incredibly awesome to connect with such talented people, like you, through blogging. 


  1. Thankyou sweetheart! I'm honoured you shared!

  2. Love it! I may just have o o buy the awesome dj a coordinating tie!


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