Fabulous Wedding Favors

I thought I would share some of the fabulous favor ideas or packaging I have come across in my wedding planning quest. I have always been a sucker for a nicely packaged gift and these have it in the bag. They are all so wonderful and appealing.

via The Favor Box on Etsy

via Oh So Beautiful Paper

via Girls with Good Taste

via Wedding Chicks

via Wedding Gawker

via Etsy Lush
I have always loved homemade soap. I'm not sure why, but a great bar of soap can always make my day.  If Ben had to pick a wedding favor, I think he would go with the burlap sack of coffee beans.

Which one is your favorite?


  1. My favorites are definitely the coffee beans and the smore bars!


  2. I think the coffee bean sacks are so cute! Just the thing for all your guests following a great party. It might be the cute rosettes that get to me, too. Great options!


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