Memorial Day Weekend

I am excited the holiday weekend is finally here!  Ben and I will be heading out for a canoeing and camping trip.  This is my very first time canoeing. We'll see how it goes.  I have been told I should wear water shoes, so of course I set out to find the most fashionable pair. This was a tricky challenge, but here are the sweet (I say this jokingly) pair  I ended up purchasing.  They kind of remind me of rock climbing shoes. At least they are pink though! 

Last year, we went kayaking in Hilton Head. I am wondering if canoeing is anything like kayaking.  

Ultimately, I'm hoping our canoeing/camping destination will look like this...

via Canoe Bay

Cheers to the holiday weekend!

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  1. Me and my hubs went kayaking at Lake first time. It was a blast. How does it compare to canoeing? I have never been canoeing. Hope it was fun.


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