Pillow Stacking Perfection

Do you see pillows and fall in love? I do! I can't help but "ohhhhing" and "awwwing" over all the fabulous pillows I see on Etsy, Home Goods, TJ Maxx, Pinterest, etc.  I guess I need to decided how many is too many when it comes to pillows. 

I love to change pillows out in my living room and around my home from season to season.  I guess I could change them out in my bedroom too, but haven't got around to that just yet.

The Thirty Abode recently shared this graphic from Marissa Waddell Interiors. "How interesting," I thought to myself. I love that there is a graphic to tell you just how many ways you can organize your bed pillows. I have come to the conclusion that my arrangement is most similar to the bottom one in the first column.

Here is what my bed is currently rocking... 

Paisley Sheet & Pillow Set from Crate & Barrel
Striped Shams from Target
Sqaure Euro Pillow From Target
Sequence Pillows from TJ Maxx
Patterned Pillow from Target

I love the look of layered pillows. I never think two can do the job.  I'm sure this is illustrated in my eight-pillow look above. Instead, opt for more like these fabulous designs below...

via Lands End

via Restoration Hardware

via VT Interiors

via Infarrantly Creative

So what's your perfect pillow arrangement?

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