Crafting with Alphabet Stamps

I had to tell you about these fabulous little stamps that can do many duties.  I came across this pack of wooden alphabet stamps at Michael's for only $1.  Can you believe? That's so cheap!  So I have used these alphabet letters on everything from packaging to labeling, etc.  The possibilities are endless!
Here is my latest wooden stamp project. In minutes, I had a cute, personalized tag using my wooden stamps.

In the past, I have also used the stamps for parties and labeling....

Photos from a Wine Tasting Wedding Shower I hosted with friends.

I have also seen people use the stamps in other ways...

Decorative Canvas 

Organization Labels 

Personalized Cutlery 

Greeting Cards

Gift Tags
by Jamie Chan at Craft

Gift Packaging

Personalized Pitcher

Garden Labels
by Laura Sullivan at Home Depot

The possibilities are endless! What stamp projects do you love?


  1. Love all of these, Sarah! I have some letter stamps and you just inspired me to pull them out more often. I love the gift tag ideas! Wonderful post! :)
    Hope you have a great week,

  2. I love this post,i have many stumps in use official.Great job Sara. Thanks for sharing important post with us.


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